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Three Gods hang up some spheres

Simplified collaboration using sub-accounts with Mailjet

How many of you have found yourselves working on projects where the number of contacts is continually increasing? Doesn’t it seem like...

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Hermes riding a sleigh in snow

3 steps to boost your holidays sales with Mailjet integrations

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it might already feel like the least wonderful time of the year. That’s because it’s also the...

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Hermes and a Goddess sort out figures in front of a colourful display

Edit images for your emails without leaving the editor

If you are not a trained graphic designer or passionate about retouching images, then you are probably...

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Hermes and Hera codding

Introducing Mailjet’s dedicated API support

You know that feeling you get when you're a developer and need help? We do. That's why, at Mailjet, we're now offering dedicated API support...

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Hermes and a Goddess cowering from a three-headed dog next to a tall building

How Mailjet powered Linxo with its extra secure email delivery

There’s something appealing about problem solving. What does the blue flower stand for? How...

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Hermes repairing case in front of the screen with codes

Dev.Mailjet just got a fresh new look

Today, email is a key aspect of any application, yet having to manage your own email infrastructure is painful for most developers. That’s...

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Hermes and a Goddess shake hands over a puzzle piece exchange in a square

Mailjet and Segment integrate to uncover insights in your email contacts and data

If you peeked under the hood of your website or app, would its headers and footers look like...

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Hermes in front of a welcome screen

Create stunning welcome series with Mailjet’s email automation

As consumers, we all appreciate to be greeted when we enter a store. A friendly face, a warm welcome, useful directions to find your way...

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Hermes reads while a Goddess delivers justice on some books

Mailjet becomes the first EU data compliant email service on Google Cloud Platform

Brace yourselves, Devs. As of today, Mailjet just became the first EU data compliant email service provider available from...

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Gods putting together atoms

Let's recap before take off: Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2015

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, being up-to-date with the latest trends is one of...

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Three Gods celebrating in a colourful scenario

MJML gets its own desktop app

Some time ago, we released MJML, the only framework that makes responsive emails easy. Now we make it even better by introducing the MJML App...

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Hermes and a Goddess shake hands over a puzzle piece exchange in a square

How our new partner Boomtrain will turn you into Netflix or Amazon

Netflix. How is it that they know exactly what you want to watch after you run out of episodes...

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Three Gods hang up some spheres

Mailjet Parse API + Zapier: The tool you don’t realize you really (really) need

Imagine having a general “contact us” email address on your website. Most of us do and most...

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Hermes shows Hera some statistics

An improved segmentation to be evermore relevant

Segmentation is one of the basics of a good marketing strategy. While we introduced some...

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Hermes sending an email from his sofa

3 Mailjet improvements on Passport to ease email design

As you’ve probably noticed, we are improving Passport, our powerful email design and edition...

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Hermes holding cup of coffee on the shelf

MJML just leveled up

A month and a half ago, we launched MJML with an audacious promise: make responsive...

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Hermes is guarding a mailbox from incoming emails

Ex-Mandrill users already falling in love with Mailjet

These past few weeks have been rough to the emailing community. A few days ago, we lost...

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Hermes sitting in a room with laptop

Get personal with your contacts using Mailjet’s templating language

Today is an exciting day at Mailjet, as we’re releasing a new major feature for developers: our...

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Hermes delivers emails by moped and another Goddess on foot

Welcome on board, Mandrill customers

Dear Mandrill users: We understand that some of you are disappointed with MailChimp’s announcement about turning Mandrill...

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Hermes and a Goddess paint

Transactional email is now as easy as dragging and dropping

Do you feel like you’re opening your inbox on a daily basis to see transactional email that leaves something to be desired? Marketing email...

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Hermes throws a paper plane

Avoid that awkward “Oops!” moment

We’ve all been there before - that awkward situation at the office where you accidentally included your boss in on an email that they...

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gods playing with puzzle pieces

Increase your daily email signups by 20%. Period.

“I want less subscribers to my newsletter.” Said no one ever. This month, Mailjet has now...

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A god takes a picture of a goddess

How Of A Kind grew their open rates by 23 percent by focusing on quality over quantity

With the rise of “growth hacking” in recent years, businesses – especially the tech world has...

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A god takes a picture of a goddess

2015: This past year in email marketing

Can you believe it? There’s only a few more days left in the year. Time sure does fly by when...

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