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Gods putting mail in blue mailbox

What is IP reputation and are there ways to improve it?

You know the old expression, “you’re only as good as your word”? In today’s complex marketing climate, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) judge your trustworthiness as harshly...

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Hermes and a Goddess split email in front of colourful cabins

IP address explained & basics you should know

The internet is an essential part of modern digital life. Humans use it for almost everything, from shopping to dating to appointments. Every time you use the internet, you use an IP...

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God wondering next to laptop and paper airplane

All you need to know about transactional email

Whether you're a small business, a non-profit, or a fast-growing startup, transactional emails play a critical role in shaping your customers' experience and perception. All you...

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Sunset policies in your email program

Email deliverability rules have changed. It’s not a numbers game anymore where more email addresses equal more potential customers. In fact, new laws actually penalize you...

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Hermes is floating with a picture in front of a screen

Improving your sender reputation to boost email deliverability

Deliverability. That's what’s at the center of any successful email marketer's focus...

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Hermes with a picture and Hera with a brush

Email file sizes: how big is too big?

Bigger isn’t always better for email marketers – especially when it comes to email file sizes. Trying to stuff large images or send big HTML files can hurt your email engagement...

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Hermes riding the sleigh

Deliverability tips to avoid the spam folder this holiday season

The holiday season is almost upon us, which means marketers (especially those in retail)...

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Hermes delivering letter in front of screens

DKIM setup: How to create, configure and set up DKIM in 3 easy steps

Sometimes, email marketing may seem like an endless puzzle of acronyms...

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Hermes and a Goddess deliver mail to two old postboxes

What’s cool about COIL

In terms of opt-in options, you probably think you’ve got them down. But we’re here to...

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Hermes filling up a mailbox

Sender score and email reputation: What are they and how to improve them

Everyone likes good scores, whether they be in sports, video games, or academics...

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Hermes delivers a letter to Hera

Understanding the Gmail automated unsubscribe feature

Ah, email, the final communication frontier. From the early days of AOL to today’s large amount...

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Hermes gives a letter to a Goddess

Unsubscribe link: Why you need to include it in all your marketing emails

We’ve spoken many times about building a contact list as one of the main steps in your email marketing strategy...

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Hermes wonders about emails

Email headers: What they are & how to read them

Hands up if you’ve heard someone talk about email headers, but have no idea what that is...

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Hermes wearing a mask sits on a sofa and spies emails

Spam traps: What are they and how to avoid them

When it comes to online mail, spam traps can be the bane of many companies’ existence...

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A masked Hermes is doing something evil with email

What is phishing?

Even though technical security measures are improving constantly, phishing remains one of...

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Hermes asking for directions

What is the return-path and why do you need to customize it?

Have you ever heard of a return-path? If you haven’t, maybe you are missing one thing that you...

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Hermes delivering a letter to Hera

What is DMARC and how does it work

You are the owner of your own domain. It represents your brand in the best way possible...

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Hermes looks at a screen with a bin full of emails

Email list cleaning: Why and how to properly clean your email list

Spring cleaning is a drag. We get it. But just like it’s important you get rid of all those broken...

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Hermes delivers a letter to Hera

Gmail promotions tab: A guide to optimize email delivery

The Gmail Promotions tab’s hot debut in 2013 caused mixed reactions...

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Hermes on the motorcycle delivering mail

Email deliverability: A how-to guide to get into the inbox

How often do you check your spam folder? Almost never? Then how do you know that important emails aren’t in your spam folder? Do...

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Hermes dancing on a laptop next to a mug

How to avoid email spam filters

So you’re sick and tired of hearing about your beautiful emails landing in spam? We’re glad you...

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Hermes on a moped delivering mail to a mailbox

Double opt-in: Should I or shouldn’t I?

Search “Double opt-in” in Google, and you’ll get over nine million hits...

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Hermes and one other Goddess are connecting from the living room

Email list cleaning: End up on Santa’s nice list, not his naughty list

If we take a trip down memory lane (some of our lanes might be longer than others ?), we might remember a parent telling us if we didn’t...

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