Unlimited Contacts

You can store as many contacts as you like in your Mailjet account. The limit is only on the number of emails sent per month.

APIs, SMTP Relay, Webhooks

Advanced Email Editor

Advanced Statistics


All Free plan features

Online Customer Support

No Mailjet logo

You can choose to remove the Mailjet logo from the footer of your emails.

Dedicated IP (from 150,000 emails per month)

Isolate your email sending from others and build your own reputation by requesting a free dedicated IP.

All Basic plan features


Target specific contacts based on location, language, behavior and more.

A/B Testing

Send up to 10 different versions of your emails to a portion of your contacts. The best performing version will be sent to the rest of your contacts.

Marketing Automation

Create your own scenarios and send beautiful automated marketing campaigns.

Multi-user collaboration

Invite team members and collaborate on email templates in real-time. See how many users are included by plan.

Saved and Linked Sections

Update specific sections on all your templates in one click.

Dynamic Sections

Add dynamic content that will only be displayed to a segment of your list.

Priority support (from 60,000 emails per month)

More than 900,000

All Premium plan features

Dedicated Technical Account Manager

They know your account inside and out to anticipate your needs and resolve problems fast.

Infinite Scalability to Support High Volumes

Deliverability Services

Email strategy consulting, reputation monitoring and ongoing support. Learn more.

Custom onboarding & migration

Service Level Agreement

More information here

Deliverability & Integration Experts

Custom number of users and advanced permissions

Invite team members and customize their permissions and rights in Mailjet.

Inbox Preview

Preview before sending: verify how your email is displayed across 30+ email clients and devices.

Transactional SMS

Change currency


Annual (10% discount)

See SMS pricing Go back to Email plans

An easy and effective solution for your transactional SMS sending!

Mailjet allows you to easily send transactional SMS in more than 60 countries. Quickly implement our SMS API to create personalized SMS and monitor your sending performance. No engagement, no expiry date. Learn More


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