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How our new partner Boomtrain will turn you Into Netflix or Amazon

Boomtrain uses artificial intelligence to analyze how subscribers interact with websites and then emails them products and content that will interest them.

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Netflix. How is it that they know exactly what you want to watch after you run out of episodes in your latest series? Not to mention Amazon. You bought that folding mattress and now those Egyptian cotton sheets keep flirting with you online. (Admit it, you kinda want them now…). Love it or loathe it, you can’t deny that they have started getting really really good at suggesting other things you want. That’s because it pays off big time. In the case of Netflix, 75% of what people select to watch is based on their recommendations.

Cool, but where are you going with this?

Using these recommendation algorithms to increase things like sales and viewership is not just reserved for the largest of digital and media companies. Via our new partner Boomtrain, this type of technology is also within reach for medium sized enterprises.

Who is this mysterious Boomtrain?

Boomtrain is a powerful marketing recommendation engine. Using artificial intelligence technology, Boomtrain turns your end user’s behavior into insights, actions and, ultimately, ROI. First, it takes the time to understand your website content on a qualitative level. Second, it analyzes users’ behavior on your website to build a complex graph for each one. Third, it processes that information and uses email (or on-site notifications) to deliver the right content to the right users at the right time. Personalization at scale!

You said this was accessible. Sounds complicated. ?

Don’t stress. Boomtrain does the heavy lifting for you. First, you’ll install a lightweight JS snippet on your website, which allows Boomtrain to track users’ actions, gain an understanding of their interests, and then turn that data into personalized recommendations. Next, you can use the Boomtrain Editor to easily create the emails that will be tailored to your users. And finally, SEND! Example please? But of course:

Choose an email from Boomtrain’s template gallery or import your own:

Personalize your email template by dragging and dropping in Boomtrain’s dynamic personalization fields:

Select your email provider (Mailjet, obvi) and export your dynamic template to that account. Then send emails that automatically populate with unique, tailored content when the user opens the email in their inbox.

Getting kinda excited. And why is Mailjet telling me about Boomtrain?

Mailjet and Boomtrain are officially integrated :-). This means that you can up your marketing game with automated and intelligent recommendations while still leveraging Mailjet’s powerful sending, deliverability and tracking capabilities.Think of it like adding an artificial intelligence layer on top of Mailjet. When you create dynamic email templates within Boomtrain, you can export them directly into Mailjet for sending. This is useful because you have already built up a great sending reputation using Mailjet - which is what helps you land in the inbox. And now by sending Boomtrain-created emails via Mailjet, you can continue to make use of your stellar reputation and make sure your emails get into the inboxes of the users they have been tailored to.

Love it? Want to try it? Still thinking about those Egyptian cotton sheets? Head here to get on the Mailjet x Boomtrain... train.

As always, ping us with any questions or feedback.

Love, Partners

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