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Hermes writing on PC

How to set up a double opt-in subscription form via Mailjet’s API

Deliverability is a pain. We know it. That’s why, here at Sinch Mailjet, we are doing our best to get your emails straight into the inbox, but we need your help as well. We know that you want this too, soyu can consistently generate more visits to your site. While we can...

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Hermes on a robot's shoulder

Introducing Sinch Mailjet’s new AI Copy Generator

As email senders, we’ve all been in this position before – staring down at a blank screen just willing words to appear as if by magic. It’s so intensely frustrating: The more we encourage our brains to do the task, the more these words seem to abandon us. The...

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Hermes is delivering letters to a Goddess in the street

Dynamic email content for personalized marketing campaigns

How great are emails that are tailored just for you? That feeling is essential to help businesses stand out. In fact, 65% of email marketers say dynamic content is the most effective personalization tactic in their arsenal. Also, companies who customize...

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Hermes and Athena with a form builder widget.

Say hello to Mailjet's new Form Builder

Everyone wants to grow their subscriber list so more potential customers open their eye-catching emails. It seems like simple math, but acquiring contacts isn’t always so easy. One of the most effective ways to keep growing your lists is with a signup or subscription form...

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Two gods with puzzle piece in front of bike seat

Set up your Mailjet account

Watch this short video to learn how to quickly set up an account with mailjet in seconds...

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Hermes and Hera arranging things

Email previews: Send perfectly displayed emails for better results

Before hitting the “send” button, you usually check two things, many (many) times...

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Clean up your email list with Mailjet EU verifications

You know the power of Mailjet’s intuitive tools for creating beautiful emails — but how do you ensure that your intended recipients see...

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Hermes and a Goddess panic while being recorded next to a three-headed dog

Data privacy and security at Mailjet

We just introduced Pathwire, our new parent brand to bring together our Mailgun and Mailjet product sets. While we’re very excited with...

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Hermes shows some statistics to a Goddess

Create even more targeted segmentation for maximum engagement

As an email marketer, you probably know your basics. There’s no need to remind you how...

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Three Gods make an announcement in front of some air balloons

Mailjet launches analytics tracking for email marketing campaigns

Data doesn’t lie. Tracking means optimizing and getting better results....

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Hermes and a Goddess are watching a birthday cake in a screen

Mailjet’s marketing automation news: Anniversary scenarios

Email automation is, hands down, one of the most useful (and used) features for marketing...

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Hermes pushing a puzzle piece

Use Mailjet’s webhook notifications with Segment

What better way to understand your customers but a really powerful Customer Relationship...

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Hermes and Hera working on mechanism

How to target the right people with segmentation via Mailjet’s API

Do you want to increase your email open rates, boost your click rates, and decrease your unsubscribe...

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Hermes and Hera codding

Use Mailjet’s API with Postman

Developers are always searching for new and better applications, libraries, integrations, and ways to work. This is why each developer has...

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Hermes is floating with a picture in front of a screen

Preview your transactional email templates with real values

You already created the perfect transactional email with all the variables and loops you need, but...

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Hermes and a Goddess agree in front of a phone

Contact Form 7 is now available on Mailjet’s WordPress plugin

Do you use WordPress? If so, we’ve got news. Big news. The best news...

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Hermes and a God hang from a cable in front of a brick wall

How to switch from Mailchimp to Mailjet in less than 10 minutes

Unhappy with Mailchimp’s recent changes? Don’t want to pay for unsubscribed contacts? Check out all the reasons why you should switch...

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Hermes dancing on a laptop next to a mug

Activity logs: Track all changes made to your campaigns in Mailjet

If you are working in a large company or work with a team on your email campaigns, you...

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god with yellow note cards

Advanced email personalization using Mailjet’s API

In our previous post in this series we explained what personalization is and provided some useful tips on how and when to best add...

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Hermes holds an email in front of the laptop screen

How to personalize your emails with Mailjet

Email personalization is a tactic used by a lot of brands today, but frankly not enough...

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Hermes on moto delivering letters

Connect new social media channels in Mailjet’s email editor

Things are about to get a lot more social! You can now connect 10 new social media channels...

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Hermes delivering letter over the desk

How to set up template error management and why we need it

Testing your email templates is tough. Who wants to be checking thousands of code lines for 50 different templates?...

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Armored goddess in front of hand with keys

Contact management under GDPR: The ultimate set of features you need

We are constantly working to make things easier for you. We gathered here all features related to contacts and GDPR available for all Mailjet’s customers...

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Hermes announcing good news to gods

New: Add comments in your email editor!

Imagine… you are setting up your email templates for the start of the school year, your entire...

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