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Hermes working on some code and a Goddess bringing supplies

How to code and create an abandoned cart email

Do you ever think about the one that got away? Picture it: You hooked them with an engaging email campaign. Then they clicked through to your online store. They even added items to their cart. And then? They left you in the dust without completing their purchase...

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Hermes is coding

What it’s like to be a developer evangelist

API (Application Programming Interface). Developer Experience (DX). You may or may not have heard...

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Hermes working on some code and a Goddess bringing supplies

How to prepare your infrastructure for Black Friday

More and more customers prefer online shopping to grab the best deal on Black Friday. It is so much easier to get your Christmas...

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Gods in front of colored cubes

How to pipe Mailjet data to a data warehouse and why you should

As the central hub for your team's messages, customers, and apps, Mailjet offers all the benefits of group email management and...

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Hera giving the ideas to working Hermes

How to code a welcome email with MJML

You already know we're working on a series of tutorials to show you how to create and send awesome transactional emails step by step...

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Hermes sitting with laptop an orange sofa, Hera talking

How to code an email receipt template with MJML

We are developers, like you. And what we hate above all in coding is to repeat ourselves. So...

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Gods in costumes

Templating language + MJML: How to code a personalized digest email

Create Emails with Mailjet's, code a personalized and digest email with Passport editor templating...

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Hermes is lecturing a rubber duck in front of a laptop

Hot off the email development world: Our #LitmusLive takeaway

If you’ve been following us, you’ll know by now how passionate we are about email design (a passion...

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Gods with graphics

Open source survey: We’d love to hear from you

At Mailjet we relish the opportunity to give something back to the developer community. Help us better understand your views...

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Gods fixing lights

WearHacks 2016

If you've never been to a hackathon, you should definitely go. It's an experience unlike any other and you will be amazed at the ideas that become a reality in the span of a weekend...

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Gods with graphics

How to increase retention with the Parse API app

Linkedin, Airbnb, Disqus have this system in place. A "reply by email" system. Why your app might be missing out if...

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Hermes is tangled up with tape while helping a Goddess fix a sign in the street

How to hack Web Summit

Are you planning to wing Web Summit? With 30k attendees and 1k speakers you can't afford to. Here's how to hack...

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Hermes is tangled up with tape while helping a Goddess to fix a sign on a road in the forest

What Golang UK taught me about community

Differences empower communities. Mailjet sponsored the Golang UK conference recently, where we learned about the secret to building a great community.

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Three Gods hanging spheres in front of letters

How APIs are changing software as we know it

Remember when “the cloud”  simply referred to random external servers or even the internet as a...

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Hermes is fixing a PC

Wearhacks: A weekend of wearables

This weekend, Mailjet was proud to be a partner and sponsor of the inaugural Wearhacks Paris, an international non-profit and wearable technology community...

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Hermes is coding

UpFront 2015: The anatomy of a great UX

I would say it started as most days do, but I would be lying, as the train was early

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god with apple, blocks and duck

The must attend tech events of 2015

On one of our rockstar Developer Evangelists compiled a list of must attend tech events in 2015...

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Gods in costumes in front of a building

Taking Rome by storm, A Codemotion adventure

It was a fairly inauspicious start to my journey, flying into Rome Fiumicino airport only to find there were no trains to the city due a power...

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Hermes working on laptop

Lighting up smiles with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Back in December, our NYC-based Developer Evangelist Tyler Nappy created the Email Controlled Christmas Tree. To extend the reach...

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Hermes is wrapped up while two Goddesses try to fix a sign

HackIllinois: A battle for the Top

This weekend Mailjet attended HackIllinois, University of Illinois’s official hackathon in partnership with Major League Hacking...

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Three Gods for a Valentine's Day

DeveloperWeek: Hacking Valentine’s Day

Earlier last week, Team Amourx participated in DeveloperWeek 2015, which Mailjet was a sponsor of, and a mentor at...

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Hermes typing in a room with a Christmas tree

Open source Christmas: Give a little code

During the holidays, arranged a day for coders to contribute to open source projects with...

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Hermes holding cup of coffee on the shelf

Hi, It's Rupert, your inbox manager

Last week, we flew to New York to visit Mailjetters there – including Tyler, our US Developer ...

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Gods putting together structure

Email controlled Christmas tree

At Mailjet, we decided to put together a Christmas tree that has lights and an LED dot matrix that is controlled via email through our inbound email API

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