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2015: This past year in email marketing

Can you believe it? There’s only a few more days left in the year. Time sure does fly by when...

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Mailjet's new JAVA and PHP clients make integration easy for all

Our new JAVA and PHP API client update allows developers to fetch data directly from the API with a lighter internal code-style...

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Hermes makes puzzles

Tracking conversion with Mailjet + Google Analytics

The world of web analytics can be a pretty daunting place. It can often feel like your digital marketing efforts are being sucked into a black...

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The new WordPress subscription widget for personalization that’s just purrrfect

We’ve got a special gift for you, just in time for the holidays: a fancy new Mailjet subscription widget for your WordPress website...

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Designing the perfect transactional email with templating

We all agree that email’s an amazing channel to engage with our users on (if you don’t, start by...

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Hermes flies with an email in front of an old movie projector

Build richer opt-in forms with our subscription widget

Growing an email list organically is probably one of the biggest challenges email marketers face...

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Mailjet for Pythonistas

Python is a programming language for makers. That's why we've chosen to create a brand new wrapper to make it easier than ever...

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The 4 gifts of automation

Ever feel like the rush of the holiday season actually keeps you from doing what really matters:...

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Introducing new Mailjet API guides

If you’ve recently visited our Developers Hub, you may have noticed that the API guides section...

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Go, Go Mailjet

We've released a new Golang wrapper that will make it easier than ever to manage contacts and process email.

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Hermes and a Goddess looking at statistics on top of two ladders

Leveling up our segmentation

Here at Mailjet, we strongly believe that good email marketing comes from knowing and...

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Here’s what happens when Mailjet talks to other SaaS platforms via Podbox

This post was written in 2015. Please note, Mailjet no longer integrates with PodBox....

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Hermes sitting in front of the screen

A new way for you to test and experiment with our event API

The Event API is a pretty nifty part of Mailjet’s API collection. It helps you track transactional...

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Unwrapping our new NodeJS API wrapper

When Mailjet first came to be, our team set out to build a fast and scalable platform for developers. In 2010, after seeing many...

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More contact actions, more endpoints

Following our API team’s hard work on the ‘Newsletter’ action endpoints, we are excited to...

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Hermes takes a picture of a Goddess sitting on some stats

5 email KPI hacks with Campaign Comparison

Using a tool like Mailjet’s Campaign Comparison, you can easily compile the data to analyze trends over time...

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Introducing Passport: Your entry to a new world of email design

There’s nothing that frustrates us more than seeing a beautifully crafted email render properly on some screens, but not others. Over the...

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Boosting customer happiness with Mailjet x Cloud Elements help desk hub

This is the third and final post in our joint blog series with Cloud Elements, all-in-one cloud API...

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We’re all a little bit like Jane Doe

We’ve recently joined forces with Podbox to launch an integration that will allow you to connect...

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Leveraging Mailjet events with your CRM using Cloud Elements

How to use the Mailjet & Cloud Elements integration to sync CRM data and beef up your email analytics...

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Email 101: Sending email using WordPress plugin

We’re big advocates of combining data and making email easier. The Mailjet Crew is always looking...

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Hermes holds an email in front of the laptop screen

Introducing Mailjet + Cloud Elements

Connecting categories of cloud services with one single API...

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Giving Drupal email a boost with Mailjet

Hey Mailjetters, we’ve got yet another exciting announcement to make! Both Mailjet and Drupal...

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Boosting the bottom line with Mailjet + PrestaShop

Attention all Mailjetters, we have a very exciting announcement to make: Mailjet has just...

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