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Create stunning welcome series with Mailjet’s email automation

Automation is key to any marketing strategy, but it is also an expensive tool. Not any more! Mailjet presents its new Email Automation feature!

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As consumers, we all appreciate to be greeted when we enter a store. A friendly face, a warm welcome, useful directions to find your way around, information on a special deal going on… There are countless ways a warm welcome can dramatically change a customer’s experience. Why would it be different online?

Automating emails has been reserved to large enterprises for too long. It was expensive, mostly because it involved a lot of development in the implementation phase, as well as extensive business consulting to design the automation strategies. Today, Mailjet empowers every company, from SMEs to startups and Enterprises, to leverage an easy-to-use email automation tool.

Predefined customer scenarios

It is time-consuming for businesses to define the scenarios to implement and create a clear automation roadmap. We decided to ease the pain of out it, and worked with several marketing automation experts to understand how it could help business and what really drives revenue.

We have come to understand that one of the issues around email automation is that it is so broad it can be overwhelming for first-time users. So we have decided to create a set of predefined automation scenarios that dramatically reduce implementation time and help marketers get a quick start, by just predefining the event that will trigger the automation flow.

Refine targeting to create personalized messages

Customers are not all the same, and even if automating communication is key, it is essential to take into account their different behavior, tastes or habits, to create relevant messages. We allow you to segment the recipients of your triggered emails to create more relevant communication flows. You can, for instance, segment your audience based on the location of your contacts, to deliver special information that is relevant to their area. Or segment based on language settings, to write to them in their preferred language.

Easily design an automated flow

Once your triggered scenario is chosen, you can then build your flow. You can effortlessly add one or several emails in our intuitive interface. The trigger and the different emails can be separated by a customizable delay. You can, for instance, create a series of three emails - the first email being sent out immediately; the second one, three days after and the last message, five days after the second one.

An intuitive email creation experience

Mailjet’s users can combine Email Automation with Passport, our intuitive drag and drop email editor, to easily create breathtaking responsive emails that look good across devices and clients. To make sure your automated emails are as relevant as possible, you can leverage Passport’s personalization feature, to address contacts by their first name or tailor the message using any information you collected.

Analyze results

Quantitative feedback is so important for marketers that we decided to integrate statistics to enable you to follow the performance of your messages. Track open, clicks and all the other useful email metrics to discover how your emails are performing and understand how to improve your messages.

And this is just the beginning...

This new feature paves the way for exciting new automation opportunities. We are working on new scenarios that will allow you to implement more advanced automation strategies, based on what is effectively working for some of the best-performing companies in the industry.

Email Automation is part of our Premium Features. Create an account today and get a 30-days free trial to test Email Automation.

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