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An email creation along with the collaboration feature to build better and send smarter.

Build better, send smarter

Collaborative tools for creating beautiful emails together

Streamline the creation process, accelerate decision-making, and get your emails out faster with Mailjet’s innovative collaboration features designed for teams.

Over 40,000 companies are building great apps and email programs with Mailjet.

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Mailgun's email editor and collaboration feature allowing for an agile design process.

An agile design process

Real-time collaboration for better workflows

Design or modify your emails together in real time. Instantly see and review changes your teammates make directly in the Email Editor, similar to Google Docs. Add your comments on text blocks, images, buttons, and more. Streamline your work process and increase your team’s efficiency by getting emails out faster. 

Creative control

Advanced user permissions

Work together as a team from the same Mailjet account while still maintaining control as the account holder. Use the robust user permission system to determine what each teammate can see, edit, or publish. Grant colleagues the ability to manage contacts, create and send campaigns, and more.

Mailjet's user permissions feature allows for cohesive design.
Mailjet's template gallery for efficient workflows.

Efficient workflows

Every template at your fingertips

Keep your team organized and simplify your processes by seamlessly managing all of your email templates in one place. Quickly search, sort, and label templates in Mailjet’s template gallery. Use the Linked Sections feature to update specific sections across all your templates at once so your whole team uses the most up-to-date information. Find and restore old versions of a template to ensure great content is never lost. 

Cohesive design

Brand consistency

Protect your brand and ensure team members are using the correct design elements in every email by locking specific sections of your templates. Maintain your brand standards by restricting team members from publishing without manager approval. 

Mailjet's locked section and publication request feature, which allows for creative control.

Create beautiful, responsive emails in minutes.

Email made easy.
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