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How Mailjet powered Linxo with its extra secure email delivery

Learn how Mailjet powered Paris-based Linxo with an extra secure and scalable email solution and first-class deliverability.

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There’s something appealing about problem solving. What does the blue flower stand for? How can you get the fox, the goose and the bag of beans across the river? Could you survive the fire in a burning island? There’s something geeky, challenging and satisfying that comes with logical problem solving and, at Mailjet, if something’s at the same time geeky, challenging and satisfying… Well, we’re all on board from the get-go.

There’s nothing we like best than to be faced with a problem, a brain-splitting email equation that requires our undivided attention and technical expertise. That’s why, when Linxo approached us looking for a custom-made, secure, reliable and scalable email delivery solution, we didn’t think twice about it and got down to work.

Read the full Linxo Case Study here.

OK, so what is Linxo and why do they need extra secure email delivery?

Paris-based Linxo is a tool that enables people to track and manage all of their financial accounts in real time, from one single interface. How cool is that? No more excuses for being broke or spending too much money on the latest tech gadget or designer shoes. The platform rolls up savings, credit and balance, allowing users to have a better control of their budget and more transparent finances. Customers can easily access the information, either on Linxo’s website or via the mobile app, and can set up notifications (push or email) that are triggered by certain activities or scenarios, like high spending or the risk of an overdraft.

Seeing what Linxo does and the kind of information it gathers, it’s not hard to imagine why safety is top of the list when it comes to their email needs. With data security constantly making the headlines and Patricia Arquette leading the CSI Cyber team, there’s no doubt data protection is trending in the digital world.

The almighty Mailjet and Linxo duo

When Linxo set out to find a reliable and easy-to-use email solution, safety was their main concern. Mailjet’s tech team worked closely with the Paris-based company to understand their security needs and developed a custom solution that would not only protect their users, but also meet local regulations. “Mailjet immediately understood our issues of security and privacy,” explained Bruno Van Haetsdaele, Co-founder and CEO of Linxo.

On top of the strict French legislation and the assurance provided by our use of only European servers, Linxo adds an extra layer of security to protect the information that is passed from their Mailjet account to their internal servers.

But cybersecurity was not it for Linxo. With the heart of their product resting on email notifications, first-class deliverability and scalability were also pivotal aspects their email service provider had to be able to offer.

Well, did someone say first-class deliverability? That definitely sounds like us. Mailjet’s proprietary deliverability technology and our team of internal deliverability experts allowed Linxo to rest easy knowing their emails would land safely in the right inbox at the right time.

Linxo also doubled its user base and its email sending volume in the space of a year. And, as the platform continues to grow, providing a solution that can scale with their email needs becomes just as important. “We have relied on Mailjet since 2012, mainly because of their flexible adaption to our email needs,” continued Haetsdaele. “In our service-based Mailjet, we knew we would not have to worry about the scalability of our email program. As our sending volume continues to grow, it’s been easy to increase traffic while maintaining the quality of service.

How can Mailjet help your business?

Did we already mention that we like a challenge? Yeah, we do. We love challenges and problem solving, so why not give us something to work on? Whatever your email needs are, no matter how complex they may seem, we’re always up for working with our customers and creating tailor-made solutions to provide the best email delivery and consulting services.

With Mailjet, you can manage your marketing and transactional emails from one single platform, benefiting from Passport, our easy-to-use editor, or leveraging our powerful API. Our fast-track onboarding service and personalized support and ongoing assistance allow businesses to understand and learn how to make the most of their email sending. To top it off, with our unrivaled deliverability, we’ve got the email solution your company needs.

Convinced? Good.

Now, on to the really important stuff. Do you think you would be able to survive the fire in the island?

Want to know what Mailjet can do for you? Check out Mailjet Enterprise or get in touch and tell us about your specific needs.

Find out more about how Mailjet helped Linxo here.

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