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Mailjet and Segment integrate to uncover insights in your email contacts and data

Now, Mailjet and Segment integrate to help you uncover insights in your email contacts and data, to analyze campaigns and segment your contacts better.

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If you peeked under the hood of your website or app, would its headers and footers look like piles of code from the Matrix? If so, the upside is that you’re likely using all the cool tools to track your visitor’s activities. The downside is that all those different code snippets are a nightmare to manage, plus they put your loading times at snail speed.

Cue Segment. Segment is a single API that allows you to collect customer and user data and send it to hundreds of tools for analytics, marketing, and data warehousing. You simply replace your matrix of code snippets with a single snippet of Segment’s code and then connect your tracking tools to Segment. Instantly, your headers and footers are alleviated of their hoarding problem and your loading times warp to lightspeed.

So tell me what this integration does for me? And include doughnuts.

Of course. The integration between Segment and Mailjet lets you do two types of equally powerful actions (with examples illustrated by a doughnut shop - mmm).

Receive data from Segment

Use information feeding into Segment from your other mobile apps and websites to create new Mailjet contacts or enrich existing contacts with additional properties (e.g. name, gender, geography, purchase history). This component is called an “Integration” in the Segment interface. The benefit? Highly segment your contact list so that your campaigns only go to the people most likely to be interested in them.

Example time: You want to send an email campaign promoting your limited edition American Independance Day doughnuts, decorated with an American flag. Thanks to geographical information from your other sources (added to your email contacts via Segment) you can send a targeted email campaign to just those living in the USA, within 20 miles of your doughnut shop locations.

Send data to Segment

Segment can also pipe email event data (e.g. opens, clicks, bounces) from Mailjet into the 200+ other SaaS tools also integrated with Segment. This is component is called a “Source” in the Segment interface. The benefit? Analyse the real effects for your email campaigns.

Example time: You just did a big email marketing push announcing your new cat-shaped doughnuts. By sending the results of this email campaign into your e-commerce tool (via Segment) you can correlate the number of cat-shaped doughnut purchases that came directly from those who opened your email (and how many more doughnuts that user group buys down the line!).

In summary, by using the Mailjet x Segment integration, you can now:

  • Better segment email contacts and send them only the most pertinent emails.

  • Analyze cross campaign performance.

  • See how email behavior affects conversion funnels.

  • Stop retargeting people when they open your emails.

  • Send past email behavior to tools that predict churn detection or upgrade opportunities.

Performing these types of analyses has typically required spreadsheets or custom ETL processes. With the Mailjet x Segment integration, you can capture email data with just a few clicks and no new code.

Cool, is it hard to set up?

Of course not. Setting up the Mailjet x Segment integration takes less than 3 minutes (yes we’ve timed it). You will simply need to activate the integration on both the Mailjet side and the Segment side. The incredible user guide is here.

Love it? Want to try it? Head here to get on the Mailjet x Segment train. As always, ping us with any questions or feedback.

Love, Mailjet Partners

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