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A dedicated IP address with Mailjet

For high volume senders, a dedicated IP address will allow you to have full control of emails sent from your own IP and optimize your IP reputation to help ensure your emails land in the inbox.

What is a dedicated IP address?

Еvery inbox provider is monitoring the IP address of incoming traffic and tracks a reputation score for those IPs. Having a dedicated IP means that you are the only one responsible for its reputation. This is important because one of the major factors in determining what emails land in the inbox, without being blocked or filtered, is the reputation of the IP address sending it. The minimal required volume from most of the ISPs is 150,000 emails per month, and 5,000 emails per day. This is because lower volume senders will not be sending frequently enough for ISPs to consider your dedicated IP to have a good reputation. In contrast, a shared IP address is one that is pooled among many different senders. This means the email behavior of one sender can affect others. Shared IPs are sometimes necessary because not every sender has enough email volume to support a dedicated IP.

An IP reputation card for a company.
Where you land in the inbox.

Why a dedicated IP address?

A properly maintained IP with an excellent reputation will be one of the best assets you can have as a sender. The better your reputation, the greater the likelihood of your emails reaching the inbox. A dedicated IP will make it easier to troubleshoot the root cause of deliverability issues and request the whitelisting of your own IP from some external postmasters. Depending on your volume and sending practices, you can have multiple dedicated IPs to manage your email traffic in the best way. Mailjet can spread out and manage your volume for each IP to ensure the best inbox placement. Multiple dedicated IP add-ons are available with a custom plan.

Can I monitor my IP reputation?

Once the IP is set up and running, we will continue to work with you along the way. Our support teams and Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are here to help you monitor your reputation, avoid blacklists, resolve any deliverability issues, and optimize your sending.

A graph and score of the sender in correlation with their IP reputation.

How can I get a dedicated IP address?

If you are sending more than 150,000 emails per month, you can apply for a dedicated IP address through our Customer Support team. Simply request more information from an agent in our online ticket system and, if applicable, we’ll work with you to obtain and warm up your IP.

Illustration of a customer support representative.
A graph of email volume increasing with better IP reputation.

How to start with my IP?

To begin, Mailjet will provide you an IP with a neutral reputation, and we will work with you to warm it up by gradually sending more emails with your new IP and establish a good reputation. Our support team is here to help you in this process by creating a customized warm-up plan for you and your needs.

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