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Email Academy: How and why you should set up a custom domain

Whether you are sending newsletters, promotional offers, or transactional emails, the domain from which these emails are sent plays a crucial role in determining their effectiveness. Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)...

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Email Academy: Taking your email strategy beyond the basics

If you joined us for our first episode of Email Academy – Mastering the basics of email marketing

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Email Academy: Holiday email campaigns that drive results

The craziness that is the holiday email storm has started to sweep through everyone’s inbox. And while your Halloween email campaign might already be trick or treating customers’ inboxes, that still leaves Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday...

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Email Academy: 5 essential practices for building high-quality email lists

In the first episode our Email Academy series, we established just how powerful a tool email marketing can be in creating impactful connections to your audience. But the truth is, the success behind each campaign so often depends on the quality of your email list...

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Email Academy: Mastering the basics of email marketing

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, where social media and search engines dominate marketing conversations, one medium continues to top them all: email marketing. However, despite this there are still marketers yet to set up a single email marketing...

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Introducing Mailjet's new webinar series: Email Academy

We know what you’re thinking – building a highly performant email marketing strategy can seem tough. At Sinch Mailjet, though, we believe it doesn’t have to be, and we’re constantly committed to producing content that will help demystify the world of email...

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Supporting equitable access to reproductive and family care

SCOTUS’ recent ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade sets the stage for what will inevitably create additional pressure on a health and family care system already lacking the stability...

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Meet EMC: The group looking to create email standards

Have you ever noticed that the way your email campaign looks after you hit send doesn’t quite match what you expected to find? Did you ever see an email display one way...

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Five Goddesses celebrate International Woman's Day

International Women's Day: How Mailjet's female leaders break the bias

Today is so much more than another Tuesday – it’s International Women’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate all the accomplishments of...

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Mailjet joins Sinch: the future of customer communications is here

Today marks a special day in the life of Mailjet. Back in September, we announced we had entered an agreement to be acquired by...

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

People make companies. That much is true for every business in the world and Pathwire is no different. Without our employees, there...

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Sinch to Acquire Mailjet, creating a best-of-breed cloud communications platform

At Pathwire, our mission has always been to solve the hard problems behind communications, and we’ve always strived...

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Welcoming Email on Acid to the Pathwire family

At Pathwire, we believe in the power of connection, and our aim has always been to empower users to take back control of the way they...

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We stand with the AAPI community

The rising violence against our Asian-American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) community is a painful and urgent reminder that we must unite against racism in...

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Say hello to Pathwire

The day has finally come! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Pathwire, our new parent brand, and...

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Force for change: It’s time to speak out

There are moments when it becomes necessary to speak out and come together as a force for...

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Mailjet’s COVID-19 plan of action

Here at Mailjet we’re continuously monitoring the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19)...

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Welcome aboard Mailjet’s next journey with Mailgun

I am pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Mailgun. Together with Mailgun, we...

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Five Goddesses celebrate International Woman's Day

International Women’s Day: 5 stories that show how Mailjet supports its women

It’s International Women’s Day and, all around the world, people are celebrating women,...

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IntegratedLive 2017: Key takeaways

At Mailjet we are always looking to improve our marketing efforts and to be up to date with the...

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Join the party: MJML just turned one

Back in the day, email coding was such a nightmare… And then, one year ago, MJML...

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2016/17 at Mailjet: What’s happened and what’s to come

It’s that time of the year again. In the coming days, you’re going to stuff your face with food...

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Educating email marketers: Mailjet lands in London

Here at Mailjet, we love getting out of the office every now and then to hear all of your email...

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Mailjet soared at Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

At Mailjet, we don’t do settling. Settling is to Mailjet what kryptonite is to Superman. If we’re too...

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