Mailjet becomes the first EU data compliant email service on Google Cloud Platform

Mailjet is the first EU data compliant email service provider available from Google Cloud Platform.

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Brace yourselves, Devs. As of today, Mailjet just became the first EU data compliant email service provider available from Google Cloud Platform. High five! With a global network being one of the key features of Google Cloud Platform, Mailjet and its 360° global emailing solution further support Google’s globally-focused clients.

What's Google Cloud Platform again?

Google Cloud Platform is one of the world’s major cloud infrastructures. It’s a set of modular cloud-based services that allow you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications. Customers commonly use Google Cloud Platform products to implement solutions such as Cloud Apps (mobile apps, social apps), Cloud Storage (high-end backup and recovery), Large-Scale Computing (batch processing, data processing) and Big Data (trend detection, BI dashboards).

Got it. So how does Google Cloud Platform work with Mailjet?

Within Google Cloud Platform, Mailjet is available from Google App Engine (for building web and mobile apps) and Google Compute Engine (virtual machines). This means that developers using these products can now take advantage of Mailjet’s REST API, SMTP relay and optimized deliverability to send and receive timely messages and alerts, conduct email marketing automation, parse inbound traffic, and track email events in real-time.

Very cool. So, what’s in it for me?

Developers and enterprise clients using Google Cloud Platform will have access to a globally-focused email service provider and, for the first time, one that is EU data compliant. By providing a scalable, turn-key email infrastructure and deliverability service, Mailjet lets IT teams and developers concentrate on their core product instead of the complexities of email sending. For Mailjet users considering using Google Cloud Platform, you can rest assured that Mailjet is fully available from this service. You can also try Google Cloud Platform for free, here.

Need more information or want to dive in and get started? Here are all the details of our integration.

As always, we love feedback! Drop us a message at with any questions thoughts, comments, suggestions on the partnership or just to say hi. <3

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