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MJML just leveled up

MJML, Mailjet's open source markup language, has been improved thanks to the awesome ideas from our community. Check out what's new!

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A month and a half ago, we launched MJML with an audacious promise: make responsive email design easy. As with any launch, one always wonders how people will react to it. Well, the community just gave us a tremendous welcome.

Having received such an amazing reception, we couldn’t just stop here. So, thanks to our communitys great help, we’ve kept improving MJML and enriching it with an ecosystem of tools, kits, templates and components.

What’s new

Rich templates

You can now find a gallery of templates - ranging from newsletters to receipt emails - that can be used just as they are or that can be totally customized. Some of these new templates have been submitted by the community, like the Arturia and Proof templates - a big thank you to them for helping us improve our collection of templates! If you want to contribute in making the template gallery awesome, please share your templates by reaching out on Twitter or by email.

Higher level components

We all agree that components are one of MJML’s key added values. In addition to standard components, shiny new ones are now available to help you create responsive emails even faster: & , and . What’s so great about these new components is that you can do a lot with a single line of MJML. Want to create a beautiful invoice? Just use to design it!

What’s next

There’s still a lot of things that can be done to improve MJML and we want to keep doing that together. Feel free to suggest ideas and contribute by creating issues on Github, and make sure to check the RFC label to give your opinion on any future features!

The more the merrier, agreed? Then please share MJML wherever you can, and make sure to follow @mjmlio to stay up to date with our latest news!

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