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Welcome on board, Mandrill customers

At Mailjet we want to help Mandrill users find an alternative for their transactional emails. Compare what Mailjet has to offer and find help to migrate.

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Dear Mandrill Users,

We understand that some of you are disappointed with MailChimp’s announcement about turning Mandrill into a paid “add-on” product starting April 27th. After investing significant time and energy into sending the best transactional emails through Mandrill, you are now faced with the decision of whether to adopt a new product (Mailchimp) and the price-hike imposed on you, or find another solution to send the important transactional emails that your business depends on.

We think you might like us

Delivering transactional email has been in Mailjet’s DNA since our conception in 2010. Our world-class delivery infrastructure has been fine-tuned to send billions of transactional email at jet-speed. As such, businesses and organizations of all sizes from more than 150 countries have relied on our secure email delivery engine, SMTP and powerful API to pilot their transactional emails to the inbox. With 7 offices worldwide, we serve our customers from Paris, New York, London, Berlin, Sofia, Toronto and Ho Chi Minh City and specialize in global email deliverability.

In our commitment to improve the transactional emailing experience, we’ve recently enhanced our drag-and-drop email editor, Passport, to create and edit responsive transactional emails that are visually impactful and personalized to each transaction. This makes the collaboration between any company’s marketers and developers much more efficient, visual and dare we say, fun!

As an industry leader in innovation, Mailjet has also developed MJML, a brand new approach to responsive email development, packing five years of email design expertise into a lightweight and semantic syntax. We even made this open-source, since we believe that email development must not be limited to experts. Email development should be accessible to everyone through simple yet powerful tools.  

Helping you navigate a transition

We know that evaluating, and eventually migrating, to another solution can be a daunting task. So to help give you a snapshot of Mailjet, here are top key points to know about our solution:

Want to see exactly how we compare with Mandrill? Check out our Mailjet vs Mandrill page.

Worried about losing your favorite Mandrill-integrated tools?

We hear you. At Mailjet we pride ourselves on being universally accessible. Like Mandrill, Mailjet is directly integrated with Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal. Plus, not to brag, even more integrations you’ll love: Microsoft Azure, Zapier, PrestaShop, SumoMe and many more in the works.

We’re a team of passionate email enthusiasts and we invite you to see for yourself how easy it is to set up and manage transactional email with Mailjet. We offer a smooth and easy transition from Mandrill, and the support you need to grow your business with a scalable and secure email platform!

See you on board,

Alexis Renard

Mailjet CEO


How do I get started? We invite you to easily test our transactional email solution by following the steps below:

  • Select “Transactional email” once you are logged into your account

  • You are not required to set up SPF/DKIM for testing our solution on the free plan

  • Choose between sending through our SMTP relay or Send API - see

    (we cover all Mandrill wrappers in the same programming languages)

Best part: no commitment and no hidden fees!

If you are sending more than 2.5 million emails per month, our custom solution could be perfect for you. Our Account Manager will walk you through the necessary steps of the migration process, address any questions you may have, provide recommendations on how you can improve your sending reputation and more! Contact us at!

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