An improved segmentation to be evermore relevant

Segmentation is key to send the most relevant messages. At Mailjet, we keep improving our Segmentation feature to help you deliver the best possible emails.

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Segmentation is one of the basics of a good marketing strategy. While we introduced some enhancements a few months ago, we thought there was still room for improvement. We received feedback from some users, frustrated for not being able to achieve the level of targeting they were aiming for, or comments saying that the way segments were managed did not fit some companies’ workflows. We heard you, and we are excited to introduce a new logical operator and a re-design segment management dashboard.

Benefit from the OR operator

API users were able to easily segment using the OR logical operator to send, for instance, an offer to VIP Gold customers in NYC or San Francisco. However, there was no simple way to do so using our web interface. Now, you can use the OR logical operator to create a segment that gathers several alternative values for the same contact property.

You can combine two or more groups of conditions to come up with a finely-tuned segmentation that meets your business needs. In our example, we are creating a first block of condition where we select “New York City” and “San Francisco” as the”City”, and “Gold” as the “VIP Status”. 

Manage Segments from the Contacts menu

Being able to refine the target audience of a campaign during the campaign creation process is something our users really value. But it doesn’t fit the organisational workflow of every company we work with. We received increased feedback from businesses where the people in charge of targeting and campaign creation are not the same, and where our current setup forced them to draft campaigns just to be able to segment their contacts.

A new sub-menu to manage your segments

Segments is now a sub-entry on the Contacts menu, along with your Contacts, Contacts Properties and Subscription Widgets.

All your previously created segments can be accessed in your account and you can easily identify the applied filter and the last time the segment was used. You can also edit, duplicate or delete a segment.

A new segment edition page

We created a new segment edition screen, to allow you to create and edit segments without having to create a campaign. This new interface lets you recalculate the results of your targeting as you create your filters. It also gives you a better sense of who your targets are, with an extract of 5 contacts to match your query.

Your can now create Mailjet sub-accounts that only have access to your contacts, to allow  targeting specialists to create segments.

A re-designed segmentation in the campaign creation process

We think segmentation within the campaign creation process is still an enjoyable feature, so we’re not leaving it behind. We have aligned our interface so you can benefit from all the enhancements to our segmentation process.

We are really excited to introduce the improvements to Segmentation, which is available as part of our additional premium features on each Mailjet plan. If you have any further ideas on how to make it even more relevant, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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