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Mailjet's personalization feature of emails to drive engagement.

Relationship building

Send personalized email campaigns your customers want to open

With Mailjet’s Segmentation feature, you can send your customers targeted messages based on their interests, attributes, and behaviors. Increase your revenue and brand engagement by delivering impactful customized communications. 

Over 40,000 companies are building great apps and email programs with Mailjet.

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Mailjet's filtering conditions take it even further.

Increased personalization

Targeted messages based on contact properties

Ensure that you are sending the right messages to the right customers. Filter your contact list into segments based on subscriber data like location, age, language, and more. Create a segmented campaign with one of Mailjet’s pre-designed email templates or build your own in the Email Editor. Make slight modifications to your filters and send the same campaign to a different segment. 

Drive engagement

Tailored messages based on customer behavior

Leverage engagement behavior to determine how to communicate with your customers. Create segments based on your customers’ open, click, or subscription activity within a selected time frame. Target your most active customers with personalized offerings. Use data and create segments to re-engage with your least active subscribers by sending them special offers or promotions. 

Mailjet's filtering feature helps you learn and grow.
Dynamic sections create increased personalization.

Take it even further

Dynamic Sections for increased personalization

Send a single campaign that displays different messages depending on who opens it. Save time and work efficiently by using Dynamic Sections to send your recipients targeted messages based on their segment. Preview and test all the different displays before you press send.

Learn and grow

Smarter segmentation over time

Learn how your customers interact with your emails by sending campaigns based on a single filter to smaller segments. Over time, add more filters and expand your audience size to gain a better understanding of how your customers are responding to your messages. Collect deeper insights with each send and gradually build more advanced and robust segmentation. 

Multiple email templates that allow for smarter segmentation over time.

Create beautiful, responsive emails in minutes.

Email made easy.
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