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Introducing Mailjet’s dedicated API support

You know that feeling you get when you're a developer and need help? We do. That's why, at Mailjet, we're now offering dedicated API support.

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You know that feeling you get when you need to contact customer support? Now imagine being a developer. If we have a problem, it’s usually a complicated one that not just anyone can answer. That’s one reason why over here at Mailjet, we relentlessly improve our API Guides, Developer’s Zone, and libraries in order to make the lives of devs a bit easier when they’re stuck. Thanks to all the great feedback you sent our way, we’re confident things are moving in the right direction.

But can we do even better? Of course, we can. Today, we’re excited to announce that our support team has welcomed and trained two dedicated API support agents over the summer.

As our product offer grows, we think it’s necessary to provide more specialized support, and API is definitely a topic where expertise makes a difference. API support involves reading, executing and troubleshooting code samples in many programming languages (often including ones we don’t really master), to understand what could be improved or fixed to enable your emails to reach their destination. It requires patience and a great understanding of software development, along with great knowledge of how our API works.

What’s changing?

From now on and moving forward, when you open a support ticket, you’ll be able to tag it as an API question, helping us triage, to enable our dedicated support agents to take them into consideration and handle them personally. Of course, the rest of our support team will still be available to answer some of your less technical API questions.

Providing our developer community with a dedicated support channel is definitely not new to us. Since last year, our dedicated email address “” has been the place for the community to reach out to the Developers Relations team, a direct link between you and our expert, where we’ve been helping and guiding users with their API related questions.

No matter how passionate we are about email design and delivery, we believe there are still better ways to deal with and track support questions, and API support is no different. For that reason, from October 1st, will sunset as a support channel and it will become again that place to which to send us your feedback and your love (OK, and get some swag too, we know you love it... ?).

Github remains the place to discuss about our official wrappers' improvements and fixes. Github is key to our work, not only because of the valuable conversations we have with the community, but also because of all the feedback we get from all those contributors who are taking the time to report issues or open Pull Requests to improve the libraries. Thank you, guys. You definitely help make our tool better.

Meet Zhivko and Mike

On top of everything we’ve already stated, like the expertise and the short internal circuits to handle API questions, we also believe making support as personal as possible is key to building strong relationships with our users.

This is the reason why we want to introduce you to the two support angels who will be tackling all your API issues and ensuring your experience with Mailjet is as good as it can be. For now, API support will only be available in English. Since us, developers, are used to English when dealing with tech, we believe it’s a good starting point.

And without further ado, meet Zhivko Zhelev, who will be answering your API questions and troubleshooting any issues you might experience. Zhivko is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and works side by side with Emmanuel Boisgontier (the wizard behind our API documentation and many of the API support answers so far). Zhivko will be in charge of API support for Europe.

Michael Pauer (or Mike, for us at Mailjet), is part of the Mailjet crew since 2013, ensuring your questions get answered while the European Mailjet team is sleeping. Over the years, Mike has had to wear many hats and learn the ins and outs of our tool and system, including our API. Mike will oversee the API support for the North American timezone.

We hope you’ll appreciate this new way of organizing our team and that your experience with our platform will continue getting better.

Feel free to share your questions and feedback with us on Twitter or by reaching out to as at

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