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The world's best email API

While every business needs an email service platform that can send out vital transactional emails and marketing messages, not every business needs the marketing functions that Mailjet can provide. For those businesses that are looking for more technical-focused email at scale – there’s Mailjet API.

Integrate Mailjet's API in minutes

Integrate Mailjet in just a few minutes and start scheduling, sending, and tracking emails via SMTP relay or our send API. Use our ready-to-go libraries in your preferred programming language: PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, Java, Node.js, and more. Get all the information you need from Mailjet’s comprehensive API documentation.

SMTP configuration.
Where you land in the inbox.

Reach the inbox

While sending emails quickly is a necessity, it’s just as important to ensure they land in the inbox. Gain access to our email deliverability services team to help you optimize your deliverability by setting up dedicated IP addresses, improving your sender reputation, and more. Mailjet also has a powerful email validation tool to help lower your bounce rate, reduce the number of incorrect emails in your list, and give you overall better visibility into the accuracy of your email campaign.

Gather insights on your email performance

Use our email analytics to retrieve your campaign’s statistics including opens, clicks, bounces, and more.

Mailjet's deliverability statistics and engagement.

Personalize your emails

Customize your emails using Handlebars 3.0 or Golang. Use either language to include personalization tokens in your email templates to create fully customizable, editable email content for all of your subscribers. Or, if you’re looking for a hands-on email editor, use Mailjet’s drag-and-drop email designer, Email Editor, to create emails with dynamic images, click-throughs and more. You can even collaborate with your team in real-time, which saves you time.

Mailjet's personalization feature of emails to drive engagement.
An automated email marketing campaign.

Trust our reliable infrastructure

Our infrastructures are user-friendly with our simple SMTP integration and RESTful APIs. You can scale quickly—from 10 emails to 10 million and beyond—and say goodbye to email delivery complications with large-scale email sending. Mailjet guarantees an availability of 99.9% uptime thanks to the reliability of our infrastructures and tools.

Be alerted of any delivery issues

Be the first to notice any issues with your email messages using Mailjet’s Logs feature. With Logs, you can quickly and easily pinpoint and fix problems that arise with any of your messages. This keeps your email program robust and your sender reputation strong with inbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.

Logs and analytics for your email.

Manage your inbound traffic

Process incoming emails using Mailjet’s email parsing software to seamlessly sync data from within emails into your other tools or systems. Mailjet turns your emails into structured data and removes unnecessary signature blocks and quoted replies, creating easier readability and comprehension. If you’re already using Mailjet or looking into Mailjet’s Parse API calls – don’t worry, it’s still around. Mailjet’s Parse API documentation can help you get started on using webhooks to send email events to your endpoint of choice.

Parse API code.
Mailjet's support experts help with deliverability.

Count on our support teams

Our API specialists will understand your technical needs quickly, and help you identify the source of any problems you may encounter. They will also help you maintain a stable system for your email program's increased deliverability and long-term success.

Save time with team collaboration

While Mailjet API is the perfect solution for the developer, your marketing teams need a space that is just as easy and intuitive for them to create in. With Mailjet's Email Editor, designers and developers can collaborate in real-time. No need to code your emails from scratch in HTML. Instead, designers can create responsive templates on their own and you only need to incorporate dynamic content using variables, loops and conditions.

Mailgun's email editor and collaboration feature allowing for an agile design process.
The trusted platform for email delivery
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