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Heads up: New Privacy Policy & Terms of Service landing

Last year was a big year for us, we launched a slew of new features, a new sending policy and...

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Next generation email automation with Mailjet & Sendwithus

Get ready to take your transactional emails to the next level with the new Mailjet and SendWithUs integration...

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Mailjet + Zapier = Integrations made easy!

Integrate your favorite eCommerce or CRM SaaS platforms with Mailjet without dropping a...

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Mailjet is now on!

Please put your seat backs and tray tables in their upright position… we’ve got an awesome...

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Introducing: New newsletter action endpoints API

We are very excited to announce today that Mailjet is releasing ‘action’ endpoints for our newsletter resource...

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A Mailjet Holiday Story

Follow Santa Claus, the best email marketer of all, and his helpers as they prepare gifts for the...

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BUBS: Your new email sending buddy

The raging war between spammers and ISPs has been ongoing for years now. Mailjet has been...

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Mailjet features: A/B Testing

YDo you think you know it all about A/B Testing? Mailjet takes it to the next level with Multivariate A/B Testing, which...

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Send email with MATLAB

MATLAB is a very powerful engineering tool for simulations and computations.  For those who use it - and use it extensively - you know...

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Growth Pack: Mailjet <3 ecosystems

Earlier this year, Mailjet partnered with TextMaster, PressKing and Mention to create a 4-in-1 SaaS tools package...

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A/X testing? That’s weird!

A new term’s been surfacing up a lot on our blog, newsletter and website recently; A/X testing....

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A new Mailjet has landed!

If you visited our site this week, you may have noticed that things look a little different. The...

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V1 vs V3

At Mailjet, we like encouraging our customers to innovate with email. Keeping with this...

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Hermes helps a Goddess to paint

Mailjet’s newest feature: 3D print your emails!

[EDIT] This feature is not REAL. We invented it because, you know, April Fools’ Day… So for...

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If our partner The Family is not an incubator, then what’s their concept?

This post was written in 2015. Please note, Mailjet no longer partners with The Family...

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New feature: Customizable tracking links with your domain name

From time to time, Mailjet launches new features…without even warning you! This is the case of a...

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Why Mailjet’s email delivery service is not concerned by #Prism

We never communicated directly to the public about this (except when asked) but due to the recent Prism leak, we feel that it is...

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Mailjet loves its clients: interview

At Mailjet, we closely follow the news concerning our clients, and often, it does us well! We asked Nicolas Chaunu, founder...

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Partnership: recommends Mailjet for email

Please note that is no longer partnered with Mailjet....

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