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Create engaging emails with our email marketing solution

Our intuitive and collaborative tools let you focus on creating attractive, successful campaigns that engage your email list, while we take care of getting your emails to their inbox with our proven suite of deliverability tools.


Intuitive online email marketing platform

Email Editor, our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, puts marketers first. Send with our ready-to-use responsive email newsletter templates that look great on any screen or make your own from scratch without any code. Work together with your team with Real-Time Collaboration and send beautiful, personalized emails in minutes.

We know how important it is for your emails to display at the correct resolution across all desktop and mobile devices, and different types of email software. That's why we built the Inbox Preview tool, so you can see exactly how your email will display in Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, and many other inbox tools.

Mailjet gives you all the tools you need to own your email marketing strategy so you can wow new subscribers and retain your existing email subscribers. Plus, Mailjet has a native WordPress plugin to get you up and running quickly.

Mailjet is also GDPR and ISO-27001 compliant.

Mailgun's email editor and collaboration feature allowing for an agile design process.
Dynamic sections create increased personalization.


Email marketing templates for personalization

Marketing is all about making each customer feel special, so improve your email campaigns with a human touch. Personalize your email based on your contact’s properties, from how it looks in your recipient’s inbox to the content they read. Mailjet comes preloaded with beautiful email templates, and with our intuitive email builder, you can modify them or create your own. Mailjet's email marketing service is the perfect tool to take your campaigns to the next level, no matter if you're in eCommerce, SaaS, Healthcare, or any other industry.

Want to test something new? As a leading email service provider, Mailjet comes with a robust a/b testing tool so you can test the impact of new subject lines, images, or that new welcome email sequence and get statistically significant data back. Take the guesswork out of email optimization and start making data-driven decisions to improve your conversion rates. Supercharge your email marketing channel with Mailjet.

You can also easily add dynamic content that will only be displayed to a segment of your list.


Contact management

Build your audience and manage your contact groups. Install our opt-in signup form on your landing page to capture email addresses and automatically sync to contact lists in your account. Upload your own contact lists as either a CSV, TXT or XLS files. Our system will seamlessly integrate into your CRM acting as your second pair of eyes, filtering out unsubscribes and possible errors.

Our marketing automation tools will help you create seamless workflows for your email list. Build automation for welcome emails, specific dates, confirmation emails, and even contact anniversaries. The average person receives and sends over a hundred emails every day, make your marketing emails stand out with Mailjet's powerful email marketing tools.

Statistics in Mailjet interface.


Email marketing role management

Work as a team from the same Mailjet account, just like Google Docs. Separate your activities using sub-accounts, invite an unlimited number of users, and control what they can do by defining their roles and advanced permissions. Each team member will be able to work independently, within a well-defined scope of abilities. Maximize your efficiency, maintain full control.

Enable your online marketing team to have total control over their email campaigns. Build customer loyalty by creating beautiful and responsive emails that your entire team can collaborate on.

Mailjet's user permissions feature allows for cohesive design.
Statistics from Mailjet that allow for continuous improvement.

Advanced statistics for your email marketing campaigns

Who opened the email? Our dashboard tracks all the statistics you need to maximize the performance of your email campaigns: open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe, and more. Track how many people thought your subject line was a hit. You can also break it down further to see which individual contacts opened an email marketing. Use Mailjet's statistics to follow email best practices and avoid spam filters.

You can also connect your Mailjet campaigns to Google Analytics to track email performance alongside your other digital marketing channels.

Mailjet helps you grow.

Engage your audience for better ROI.
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