Mailjet’s newest feature: 3D print your emails!

In this post, we tell you about our invention on 3D printing emails. While an April Fool's joke, we believe that you should be excited for our new features.

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[EDIT] This feature is not REAL. We invented it because, you know, April Fools’ Day… So for those who thought Mailjet would launch this feature soon, we are sorry to announce them it will not be. But stay tuned! Cooler and more helpful features will be live soon!

Mailjet’s team is hustling constantly to offer you a better product hvery day. As you may know, a new Mailjet is coming. But before any official announcement, I would like to share with you one of the many new features we will offer. Introducing: the email 3D printing.

**But… why?**

At Mailjet, we like to think that we are in tune with the time. That is why we follow each and every new technological trend, from flat design to email home delivery service. Today, we are taking a further step with 3D printing. Why 3D printing? Because we feel that, with the incoming domestic 3D printers sales jump, people will want to keep some of their emails in a more material, concrete version, like some memorabilia.

With the new Mailjet, it will be possible! Your favorite message will be displayed in a beautiful 3D version. Users of upgraded plan will even be able to 3D print their attached files, should they be images, video or even audio! Sounds crazy? Do not worry: we are not.

How does it work?

We followed our motto: “Facere Atque Kalare Emailos” (it is Latin for “Build and Shout Emails”). Our tech team adjusted our APIs. Now, via your dashboard, you will be able to select the new “3D print this!” service. Our tool will automatically detect your 3D printer. Then, choose your option (edible printing, life-size printing…), press PRINT and you are done!

You can now decorate your room with your freshly 3D printed email.

How much does it cost?

We created a new plan: the **Polymer plan**. Like the Silver, Gold and so on plans, the Polymer plan will allow you to use all the Mailjet’s features (optimized deliverability, dedicated IP address, real-time analytics…) AND, of course, the 3D printing option. Should you upgrade it to the **Polymer Thermoplastics Plan**, smaller versions of your 3D printed items will be sent to your best recipients. Engage them! Interact with them! It is what emails is all about, after all!

Want to learn more about our new cool features? Come meet us during the next events we will attend: from March 8th to 10th at Salon E-Marketing (Paris, FR) and May 5th to 7th at TechCrunch Disrupt (New York City, NY).

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