Why Mailjet’s email delivery service is not concerned by #Prism

In this post, we tell you about our thoughts on the Prism leak and the Patriot Act. We discuss our servers and studies that show the safety of data privacy.

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We never communicated directly to the public about this (except when asked) but due to the recent Prism leak, we feel that it is worth sharing with our community (almost 15,000 active clients in 129 countries - including the US, which is our 2nd biggest market) that our service is not concerned by Prism nor the Patriot Act.

Email data integrity is strategic for your business

From the contact lists to the content transmitted via transactional emails, this channel needs first-rate privacy, just like any other basic communication tool. This has been a part of our core strategy from day one.

We host our servers in countries where data privacy management aims to be transparent, reliable and stable. If we are to communicate data to a government authority upon their request, standard rule of law must always apply: a warrant should be needed and issued only after a judge takes an independent look at the situation, sets certain restrictions and deems it necessary to issue a warrant.

"Nobody cares about the Patriot Act, anyways." Are you still sure about this?

When European cloud companies pointed out the distrust in the way the US government was handling data privacy, the response was almost immediate.  Some studies were funded to demonstrate that your data was in fact safer in the US, with the first line being: “Other countries also can obtain personal data stored in the cloud, an international law firm found.”

Sure they can, but again, there is always an intermediate independent step where a judge is needed to assess the request and issue a warrant. A third party is involved to control how the data is obtained. This is no longer standard practice in the US, hence the Prism scandal and open access to all of your data - sensitive or not.

"I have nothing to hide." So your data assets are public knowledge?

Good developers know how valuable the data they are manipulating is. The real problem isn’t whether or not you have anything to hide, it is the fact that a government can access any information (sensitive or not) without any proper control measures.

If no judges are involved nor an independent assessment of the situation is carried out, who can guarantee that the data snooping stops just at one specific email? Who can guarantee that the agent pulling out the information is not leveraging it for his personal interest? No one.

Best of both worlds: Mailjet has servers in Europe AND Canada!

With Mailjet's close relationship with OVH (the #1 hosting service in Europe who recently raised $180 million to finance their expansion into North America via Canada), we were privileged to be one of the firsts to use their new Canadian servers. This will not only give us the ability to provide a very high quality of service and speed for our numerous US-based clients, but also protect their interests and trust in our service.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions about all this :)

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