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In this post, we tell you about our previous partnership with While we are no longer partners, read on to learn more about the previous partnership.

Gods putting things together



Please note that is no longer partnered with Mailjet.

The 1st hosting provider in Europe - and 4th globally (Netcraft November 2012) - has chosen to integrate Mailjet into its brand new marketplace. This infrastructure leader will thus recommend our service to their clients. This is a very important step for us: has 140 000 servers, hosting more than 18 million web applications! We comprise part of the first three services selected.

Mailjet, the email service for developers

We are well known for our easy-to-use newsletter tool. However, don't forget that it's mainly the developers who use Mailjet: we allow them to avoid having to manage their own email infrastructure. Our robust and flexible APIs make it possible to easily manage email for all their applications. This partnership will therefore reinforce our presence to the core of our original customers.

The pleasure of being acknowledged by a technological leader ;)

I will allow the Cloud Product Manager in charge of the marketplace to explain their point of view to us:

"Mailjet has used the infrastructures for a long time, to develop its email services in the Cloud. Mailjet is also a client with whom we are very often in contact, in order to improve our products and services. It is thus completely natural that we are offering Mailjet to be a part of the first players in our marketplace, which will allow Mailjet to be promoted to our clients.“

Mailjet was chosen for its quality of service, as well as for its innovative model, based on the cloud. Seen from Mailjet, has all the advantages: leadership and strong growth. For example, they have announced a fundraising of $181M to finance their massive implementation in North America, where we ourselves generate 30% of our turnover. hosting is 100% compatible with Mailjet

Compatibility is total, including for the shared hosting. A simple integration via SMTP is enough to start sending emails with Mailjet. SPF/DKIM authentications are easily customizable, which is essential for optimal deliverability. These elements are very important, since some hosters do not offer the option to add a TXT record to the DNS.

This partnership is only a first step: we all hope that it will be a success so that we can push the integrations a step further. Stay tuned!

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