Mailjet loves its clients: interview

In this post, we tell you about our interview with Nicolas Chaunu, founder of Tuto and one of our clients. We learn more about Tuto and why they chose Mailjet.

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At Mailjet, we closely follow the news concerning our clients, and often, it does us well! We asked Nicolas Chaunu, founder of (in French) but also a former Mailjet shareholder, a few questions.


Could you describe's business model in a few words? is an e-learning marketplace dedicated to learning about computing. Anyone can come to train themselves or to sell their own videos related to the following themes: digital photography and editing, office automation, programming, 3D and special effects, video editing, emarketing and ecommerce… In short, if you want to learn how to develop a PHP or edit a photo in Photoshop, you will certainly find what you are looking for among the 32,000 videos available on (there are even a handful about Mailjet ^^).

What types of emails do you send with Mailjet? Marketing or transactional?

Both, from the beginning. Subscription confirmation, alerts about new features, shopping cart abandonment, password reminders, newsletters, etc. Everything goes through Mailjet.

Have you met a particular challenge that made you change email providers?

We went through different providers (including Emailvision, and several others) and each time, we met restrictive problems daily: deliverability, setup costs, paid option, closed 3 year contracts, and even a paid API (if that even exists!).

Why did you choose Mailjet? What has Mailjet brought you?

I was one of the project's shareholders at the beginning, just because Mailjet brought an answer to all the problems I encountered as an e-business person, all with a very aggressive pricing policy. Therefore, to me, the project had it all.

Could you tell us in a few words, from a technical point of view, how you have implemented Mailjet?

We have complete implementation of Mailjet's tools. We work directly with the API and created newsletter generation and automated transactional email tools directly in our backoffice. I’m rarely on the Mailjet interface because we adapted the tool to our needs, without leaving our backoffice.

What benefits has Mailjet brought to your business?

This implementation allows me to generate a newsletter in 2 minutes flat (including test) and therein lies my benefit: more time! As mentioned above, we now have better deliverability, even with a volume of one million emails.

Last thing: if you found yourself facing someone who was looking for a new email management solution, how would you describe Mailjet?

As a technical tool that is very easy to implement. The tool is adaptive; you can quickly send your first emails and campaigns from Mailjet, and all this in a few clicks; but as soon as you dig a little, you and your team can really customize it to your exact liking. You can finally focus on your transactional email scenarios (no matter how complex they are) without having to ask the questions of cost and feasibility.

Thanks for the interview, Tuto!

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