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The new features we’ve been talking about have finally been cleared for landing! Try out segmentation, personalization, A/X testing, campaign comparison.

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If you visited our site this week, you may have noticed that things look a little different. The new features we’ve been talking about have finally been cleared for landing and the Mailjet site has gotten a facelift! V3 users will now be able to activate all four new features; segmentation, personalization, A/x testing, campaign comparison. Here’s a quick recap of how these features work and how they’ll provide added value to your email campaigns:


Personalization adds a human touch to email. It recreates the intimate relationship you’d likely have with a mom-and-pop shop that knows you by name and what you last purchased.

With personalization, you’ll be able to address each user by specific characteristics such as first name, last name, gender and location. To ensure you get maximum value out of this feature, be sure to collect this information from your customers at the start of the sign-up funnel and to include these fields in your contact list. Once your complete list is uploaded to your account, a simple snippet of code:  [[data:PropertyName:"Default Value"]] will help cross-reference the data on the contact list with each recipient of the message.


Closely related to personalization, segmentation is another way to tell customers that they’re special. Group your contact list into larger demographics (gender, age) or behavior (last website visit, lifetime purchase value) and serve up content you know they’ll want to see. Not only are you guaranteed a higher ROI, but also a lower unsubscribe rate.

We strongly recommend using CRM software to help manage your customer data, that way managing your contact list will be quick and painless.

**Campaign Comparison**

Always remember to learn from your past mistakes. We created campaign comparison, because we can’t stress enough how important it is to analyze past campaigns and learn from your successes and failures. Maybe longer subject lines showed higher click through rates and the later send time showed lower click through rates. Next time you’ll send an email earlier in the day, with a longer subject line.

We wanted to make it easy for marketers to get an idea of average KPIs across campaigns (benchmark) and be able to quickly identify areas of improvement. Pair these findings with A/x testing (below) for optimal results!

**A/X Testing**

Move over, A/B testing. We’re introducing something bigger and better; multivariate testing. With A/X testing, you can test up to 10 versions of a campaign, allowing for greater learning from a single test.

Testing takes the guesswork out of creating email campaigns, which helps you save money because guessing (and being incorrect) can be costly! A/X testing will show you which version produces the best metrics (open rate, click-through rate etc.) so that you can confidently send this to the rest of your contact list.

Now that we’ve reviewed all the new features, are you ready to start optimizing? If you have more questions about getting started, please contact our support team.

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