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We’re announcing a new set of features to help turbocharge your email testing. Here's more information on how this will affect V3 and V1 users.

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At Mailjet, we like encouraging our customers to innovate with email. Keeping with this mission, we’re always looking for ways to improve our product and your email experience. Earlier this year, we upgraded from our old platform (V1) to a more powerful and scalable platform (V3) to support our growing number of email users.

Now, we’re announcing a new set of features to help turbocharge your email testing. The features will be released directly to users on our V3 platform and we’ll be migrating V1 users over shortly. Here’s what you need to know about the switch and how you’ll be impacted.

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V3 users

Most users who signed up after April 2014 are V3 users and will soon have access to new features that will help with email testing and optimization. To verify if you are V3, simply log into your account and see if your URL says “”.

V1 users

For our users who registered prior to April 2014, you are part of our V1 platform. Our sales team will be in contact very soon to help migrate you over to V3 — no work required on your end! Look out for an email over the coming weeks where a customer service rep will schedule time to help you take the necessary steps. After your migration, you will have full access to the new set of V3 features, as associated with your plan.

That's all, folks

Stay tuned for more exciting product news over the next few days! As always, our support team is around to help out if you have any questions.

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