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Hermes is coding

Flight School Friday: Do you know your APIs?

A few weeks back, we published our first quiz, “What’s Your Email Marketing IQ?”. Our readers...

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Hermes sitting on letters, Hera talking in megaphone

Creating a successful email newsletter campaign in 5 steps

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about starting your first email newsletter campaign but don’t...

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Hermes and a Goddess chill on some stats in front of stationery

Flight School Friday: Email marketing KPIs you should be measuring

Ask us what of the biggest trend in email marketing is, and we probably won’t name a piece of...

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Hermes hiding behind Hera from three headed dogs

Flight School Friday: CASL 101

If you’re using email to communicate with your customers, you might have already heard about...

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Hermes on moto delivering letters

A win-win situation

This past week, we came across a great triggered email from Squarespace; sent to users a day...

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Hermes sitting on a green sofa with laptop

4 tips on optimizing your newsletters for mobile

In an increasingly mobile world, people are relying more and more on this third screen to...

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Hermes and two other gods sorting out figures in an office

5 psychological principles for engaging emails that get opened

Welcome to another edition of Flight School Friday! And today’s topic is email engagement...

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Hermes wonders about emails

What's your email IQ?

Send email campaigns on a regular basis? Do you casually use terms like CAN-SPAM, SPF and...

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Hermes and a Goddess seem to be organizing a trip

5 email apps to supercharge your productivity

At Mailjet, we’re focused on helping create and deliver compelling emails that break through...

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Gods putting things together in front a yellow door

Flight School Friday: Emails vs. social, the war that won't happen

With the rise of social networks in the latter half of the 21st century, many experts have come...

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