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A win-win situation

Lessons learned on effective triggered emails from Squarespace

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This past week, we came across a great triggered email from Squarespace; sent to users a day before their 14-day free trial ends, the email reminds them to upgrade to continue using the service. We like to call this type of message a win-win situation.

The average consumer sees roughly 5,000 marketing messages a day. That's before we factor in interactions with family, friends and co-workers. With so much clutter in our daily lives, a little automated reminder goes a long way to keep your brand top of mind.

As marketers, automating certain processes can free up time to focus on mining data, understanding your customers and brainstorming new solutions.

Let's break down this Squarespace email to see what lessons can be learned from design and copy.

"Your free trial expires in 24 hours"

The call-to-action here is loud and clear — notice the choice of words too. Squarespace says 24 hours, not one day. Numbers drive a greater sense of urgency and are proven to catch the reader's attention in both subject lines and copy.

Checking in with users the beginning of the conversion funnel can help generate good feedback and build a stronger relationship.

**Rekindle the spark**

Remind your customers why they were drawn to you in the first place — reiterate how they will benefit from staying with your product. This email shows rather than just telling what features a paid membership will offer.

**Link throughout**

Sprinkle links throughout the body of the email to maximize the opportunities for a user to interact with your brand.Squarespace does a great job of including multiple touchpoints, while not detracting from the main call-to-action, the upgrade button at the bottom.


Make it easy for users to reach out — especially while they are still exploring your product. Let users know their feedback is valued and build a relationship that will win their trust.

Be genuine

Squarespace starts by addressing your website address (blurred out in green above) and signs off the email with a handwritten signature. We feel special! Okay, so we also know that this is a pre-scheduled email sent to plenty of other users, but it's more humanized. This says that they’ve taken the time out to know and understand us.

What kind of work are you currently doing with triggered emails? What would you like to learn more about? Tell us on Twitter!

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