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Email press review #1

Keep an eye on our email press review to stay up to date with the email news.

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Sharing is caring! We are launching our press review to share the “email links” that we really love. Keep an eye on our email press review to stay up to date with the email news.

6 email deliverability lessons that you can learn from SEO While it may be true that search engines don't index emails yet, that doesn't mean there aren't any lessons email marketers can learn from SEO. Here's 6 techniques borrowed from SEO!

Marketing Research Chart: Improving email deliverability Whether it be internal efforts, such as list hygiene, or more customer-focused items, like facilitating the opt-in and -out process, marketers have a wealth of areas in order to ensure emails end up in the inbox. 

5 really good practices of reputable email marketers Some keys to understand the mentality of your customers: do you know why people buy from your web store? Do you know the process from the buyer's perspective?

About 80% of spam traced to less than 100 spam operations 8 in 10 spam messages received by internet users in Europe and North America originates from a list of roughly 100 spam operations managed by Spamhaus: ROKSO.

Infographic of email Design Best Practices in 2013 A great infographic made by Emailmonks, on how well one could (and should) design an email or newsletter template in 2013.

Enjoy !

See you next week for another press review.

[ Posted Fri, 22 Mar 2013 16:35:00 ]


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