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What types of transactional emails should you develop first?

In this post, we tell you about types of transactional emails you should develop first. Read on to learn about the two types that we believe are most important.

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While attempting to create a list of all the types of notification and transactional emails that might exist…I was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of possibilities! Just as the marketing segment of email often takes the form of newsletters or promotional emails, transactional emails can also take many different forms.

It is impossible to tell you which types are more advantageous or more important than others…Nevertheless, one can name two which should absolutely be developed before all others:

Subscription confirmation

In order to keep their clients, ISPs and webmail services are making their email inboxes more and more intelligent. This not only allows them to filter spam, but also to detect email that will interest the consumer. This is, for example, Gmail's Priority Inbox, which sorts email by order of importance, or filters, which automatically classifies emails in folders such as Groups, Newsletters, Social Updates…

Subscription confirmation being the first point of contact with your subscribers, this initial communication is essential for the success of your future actions. With the development of intelligent email inboxes, the earlier you succeed in engaging the relationship, the better your chances of reaching the consumer's main inbox with a high priority level.

It is absolutely essential to inititate engagement from the first interactions by placing attractive and, of course, relevant content in your subscription confirmation emails!

Reactivation emails

This, along with the subscription confirmation, is one of the automated emails that should be implemented by all businesses that use email to communicate with their clients!

Every business faces subscribers who, over time, become less and less interested by the information sent to them or who stop visiting your website. In these cases, it is a good idea to take some time to build an automated reactivation program. This program may take various forms:

  • A survey to understand why the subscriber lost interest in your activities and how he might be enticed to reactivate through his responses

  • A series of ultra-personalized emails demonstrating your service's relevance to the consumer

  • ...

There is a solution for every situation imaginable! Keep in mind that it is always less expensive to reactivate an old client than to acquire a new one.

Only two examples?

We are trying to be brief here! There is a third type that seems rather obvious, which is the type of confirmation email that…makes your business profitable. If you manage an e-commerce website, it's the purchase confirmation, if you run a service activity, it's the payment confirmation, etc.

This type of confirmation email is indispensable…indeed, it is vital for your business! With it, your customer will feel reassured by the seamless execution of his order.

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