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Transactional email: The opportunity to generate additional sales

Your transactional emails can become important marketing message vectors. Here's how you can take advantage of it.

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By its nature, a transactional email is an expected event. This anticipation creates an important level of attention on the part of the consumer, an attention that is possible to capitalize on to optimize sales. Be careful, however: if promotional content is accepted in a transactional email, it is still necessary to keep the transaction at the center of the message. Otherwise, you risk making the consumer feel deceived. 

The right message at the right time

This is one of the basic rules of direct marketing! Providing the consumer with the right offer just when he needs it. With transactional emails, all the elements come together to fully achieve this goal. With the transactional information, it is possible to automatically generate related offers and take advantage of a moment of maximum attention from the consumer.

Utilizing the information from the transaction

The promotional offer naturally arises from this content. For example, a flight confirmation effortlessly lends itself to the promotion of a car rental or a hotel stay. Confirming an appliance purchase can also be the perfect opportunity to offer a warranty extension on the product.

But it isn't necessary to have sold something to make a promotion. A transaction related to a subscription or profile update can be a great occasion to push promotional content.

Some ideas for promotional content related to the transaction:

-   Extended Warranty

-   Related Products

-   Related Services

-   Loyalty Points


Remarketing is a marketing technique involving retargeting a consumer after he has completed an action on a website. For example, if you happened to look at a product on an ecommerce site, a banner will later appear on a partner site to remind you of it.

In email, remarketing is also used, but mainly as a customer acquisition technique. It is entirely possible to also use remarketing in transactional emails. For example, when making a purchase, a consumer may have placed two products in his shopping cart, but in the end only purchased one. In the purchase confirmation email, this is the perfect opportunity to remind him of the second product or to promote other similar ones.

The only limit is your imagination

As we can see, the transactional email offers many opportunities for generating additional sales! During your brainstorming sessions on the subject, do not hesitate to integrate ideas from different departments of your business (technical, sales, marketing…). This is a good way to push your creativity even further.

[ Posted Tue, 23 Apr 2013 15:19:49 ]

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