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Why should you invest in your transactional email?

Transactional email offers much higher response rates (opens and clicks) than a newsletter or promotional email.

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Transactional email receives reaction rates (opens and clicks) far greater than those you will obtain with a newsletter or promotional email. Yet, it is one of the least exploited opportunities used by marketers!

Why this lack of consideration? Most likely because the transactional email is rarely managed by marketing teams and is often sent from the company's CMS and not by an infrastructure dedicated to email marketing.

However, when it is showcased, transactional email can become a source of additional income and a catalyst for your deliverability.

In addition to generating additional sales and its competitive advantage regarding deliverability, transactional email offers other advantages:

Reduce customer support's workload

Providing information and useful tools in your transactional emails can drastically reduce the number of appeals to your customer service. This is probably the most powerful benefit of quality transactional emailing. This fact alone may justify a complete overhaul of your transactional strategy.

Reinforce the brand image

Every interaction with your consumers is a chance to strengthen your brand image. Transactional email is a chance to obtain above average open and click rates, but it can also be a foundation of your business (payment confirmation, subscription confirmation, delivery notices, etc.). It is thus necessary to treat them with care: your brand identity and stylization should be perfect.

Consolidation of the user experience

Your clients' satisfaction is an everyday struggle! More and more, it is also an element of differentiation over your competitors. This satisfaction is important throughout the buying process, but also afterwards. By offering helpful tools and a hierarchy of useful information (See ...Structure of transactional emails“), it is possible to significantly improve your user experience during transactions.

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[ Posted Tue, 11 Jun 2013 14:49:22 ]

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