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Flight School Friday: 5 A/B tests to get you started

Without analyzing opens and clicks, it’s hard to know what truly appeals to your customer....

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Flight School Friday: 10 email campaigns every company should start with

Want to kickstart your email marketing? Here are 10 email campaigns which will help you build a rewarding, long-term relationship with your customers...

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Email’s chicken-or-egg question

I’ve built email campaigns at a few companies in the past and everyone does it a little...

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How to create content when you’re feeling lazy

Spending glorious summer days indoors at work can be a drag. What’s even worse is seeing your friends’ vacation snaps while scrolling...

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5 ways to turn email feedback into a two way conversation

When it comes to email marketing, treat your readers like you would your date. Don’t spend your whole...

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Your 3 step cheat sheet to passing email responsiveness

Here’s a test we can help you pass: email responsiveness. Here are three basic steps to test if your email design is responsive...

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Mastering the email GIF frame by frame

We all love a good animated GIF. Even after 28 years, they continue to intrigue and entertain us...

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Inbox out: Pixar-inspired emotions that power marketing

We all carry around a box of emotions. It sits patiently in a server somewhere with dozens of messages waiting to be answered...

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Email has moved on from Shrek’s onion metaphor

“Ogres are like onions… we both have layers”, says Shrek in Dreamwork’s hit 3D-animation Shrek...

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Does oversharing apply to email?

Some might say we live in a world of oversharing. You can find just about anything on your social feed, from what your friend ate for...

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How I learned to code an email from scratch

They say to really learn a language, the best thing to do is to immerse yourself in the culture. If this is true for languages, then it’s most...

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How email marketing shaped modern politics

There is no denying that email is now used everywhere. Emails from your distant friends...

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3 ways to optimize the frequency of your emails

It's a fine line to tread – emailing your customers too much will cause fatigue, but messaging too little will cause them to forget you...

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Email inactives: It doesn’t have to end in a painful breakup

In many ways, your contact list is a long-term romantic relationship. Both parties, you and your customers, get to know the ins and outs of...

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Mastering responsive email design across the most popular clients

Find out how to optimize your emails through responsive email design to make them render properly on all email clients...

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Email marketing 101: Email design

Beneath improving deliverability and behavioral targeting, you have the skeleton of an email marketing program. No matter where you are...

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The hidden value of transactional emails

In a recent survey of 300 international marketers, we learned that German companies use...

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5 ways to add a personal touch when communicating with customers

This post was first published as a lesson on FrontApp's course...

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Why it’s important to start global

Ever play the board game Risk? There was a period in my teens where my friends and I played...

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5 times email would have saved the day in romantic movies

Romance movies. It’s a love/hate relationship. One moment they have you laughing and in the...

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3 ways you can re-engage your customers through email content

The first few months of the year are usually considered a bit of a depressing time. It’s dark,...

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In 2015, email marketers resolve to...

A few weeks ago, we asked some of you what you’d like to change or improve in email sending...

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Email experts sound off on their predictions for 2015

This past year, we saw the inbox repackaged and introduced to the 4th screen, with technology...

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