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Ask an email marketer: How do I leverage this busy season to build up my contact list?

As you ramp up your content and outreach efforts, you have many more touch points to collect new email sign ups. Here are a few ideas.

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From now through the end of 2015, we’ll be collecting your most burning email questions on strategy, deliverability, design and more through our Holiday Email Toolkit. Each week, we’ll draw one question to feature here on the blog. Want your question answered in our next Ask An Email Marketer? Head on over to submit it on our Holiday Email Toolkit.

Another great point to be thinking about during the holidays – contact list growth. As you ramp up your content and outreach efforts, you have many more touch points to collect new email sign ups. Here are a few ways to hack your list growth.

Building opt-in forms into existing content

To start, make sure you’ve got an opt-in widget embedded on all relevant landing pages, case studies and blog posts. Mailjet has a handy widget tool that can be customized through a drag-and-drop editor with little-to-no-coding. It also lets you automatically sync your new sign ups to your existing contact list(s). You can also build an opt-in form into an exit-intent pop-up through a service like Optimonk, to capture emails right before customers leave so you can keep in touch.

Linking email and social

This one’s always fun to experiment with. Consider running social media contests with a checkbox that allows entrants to stay up-to-date through email. Another handy tool is Twitter’s Lead Gen Card, which looks like a regular tweet but with a simple opt-in form right beneath. We love it because it’s short and sweet and not disrupting to the day-to-day user experience. Learn more about integrating email and social by hopping over to this previous blog post we wrote.

IRL (in real life)

Last but certainly not least, don’t discount offline interactions! Whether it’s at the point-of-sale (POS) in your brick-and-mortar location, or at a holiday conference, connecting offline can sometimes be a powerful way to win trust and collect email addresses. Just be sure to collect explicit consent and to follow the best practice of sending a double opt-in email to ensure the addresses you’re collecting are correct.

Which of these strategies have you tested out before? Which are you most excited to use this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet's Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.


The ultimate guide to holiday email marketing

Check out our ultimate guide to holiday email marketing and win the battle of the inbox this holiday season.

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