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Feburary #MJChat recap

We recently chatted with Albert Qian of Albert's List during our monthly #Mailjet Twitter Chat. Here's a quick recap.

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We recently chatted with Albert Qian, the founder of Albert’s List during our monthly #MJChat.

Our guest expert shared tips on how he’s used social media, word of mouth and email to grow their email list to launch their business or product. Here are 5 things we learned about growing an email list using social media and email marketing:

1. Provide Value

Albert was very adamant about providing quality and value to your community before asking for money. As the people come, so does the money and other opportunities.

2. Be Genuine

Thanks to Hollywood, we believe that in order to be successful in business you must be cut throat and focus on making money. Albert told us that one of the keys to creating a successful community and a thriving business first begins with having a servant's mentality.

Put the people first and they will spread the word about what you have to offer.

3. Email Allows You To Connect

While Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to help grow an audience, it's not always the best way to send info and updates to a growing community. That's where email comes into play.

Email is also a great way to reengage those members of your community that have been inactive.

4. Ownership

One of the biggest pitfalls about building a community on a social media platform is that you don't own any of the data. If Facebook decides that you're Facebook group is going to be shut down, how else can you contact your community? Albert has turned to email to make sure that his tribe is still connected with or without social media.

For complete highlights of the chat, check out our Storify article and make sure to join us for our next #MJChat. We will be meeting online on the final Tuesday of each month.

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