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Gods chatting in front the window and a cat

Mailjet Monday: Tyler Nappy

We’re back with our second installment of Mailjet Mondays! This week, we introduce Tyler...

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Gods putting cubes together

Mailjet's teaming up with AirPair!

At Mailjet, we believe in simple, easy-to-use but impactful experiences. As a result, we offer a...

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Hermes and a Goddess have a chat in a bedroom

Introducing Mailjet Mondays!

The Mailjet team has been growing rapidly over the past year. We now have a team of over 50...

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gods hanging out in kitchen

Mailjet Monday: Sabrina Mamouni

Happy Monday! This week, we sat down to chat with our Project Manager, Sabrina Mamouni, about productivity, product and the future of email...

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Hermes and two other Gods celebrating a party in front of some confetti

New capital increase for Mailjet and opening of a New York office

The French startup Mailjet is proud to announce that it has raised 2.2 million euros (3 million dollars)...

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Hermes is working on some code while at home

Mailjet loves galettes!

Yesterday, the Parisian Mailjet team attended the first edition of the French Tech Galette which...

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Gods celebrating new product

Meet Mailjet's deliverability pilot

Do you ever wonder who stands behind Mailjet? Mailjet serves over 16,000 global clients and...

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Gods on the street with a dog

But who is this JL who is writing articles on Mailjet's blog?

For several weeks, you may have noticed a certain JL signing about two articles per week on...

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Gods having coffee outside

Introducing Imane, our community manager!

The team continues to grow. We are now recruiting in all areas: you can check our jobs page, if...

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Gods making announcement in front of the air balloons

Mailjet is (almost) everywhere!

Being present at events means a lot to us. We always get to meet great people and exchange...

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Hermes and Hera writing a letter

Mailjet launches email home delivery service

Mailjet announces the launch of Mailjet’oMagic©, a new technology that allows you to send...

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Hermes and two other Gods are partying next to some glasses of wine

Mailjet keeps Berlin cool at Webmontag summer party

At a fully booked event Monday night, the best of the Berlin startup scene got...

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Goddesses chatting, Hermes Holding a dog

Mailjet Monday: Barth

Happy Monday! This Mailjet Monday, we’re talking to Mailjet veteran and football fan (the real...

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Gods discussing in a living room

Infographic: A Mailjet story

If you’ve been following along our Mailjet Monday series, you might have seen us hint at a...

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Three superhero gods in front of a screen

La French Touch says “Bonjour NY”

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending La French Touch, a NYC conference held to...

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Gods in a living room chatting on a sofa with a cat

Mailjet Monday: Lina Hussain

Happy Monday! This week we’ll be speaking with Lina Hussain, Senior Sales Manager, based...

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Hera and Hermes sitting on a sofa with a cat

Mailjet Monday: Shubham Sharma

This week, we’ll be speaking with Shubham Sharma (Shubham ! on twitter). Developer Evangelist by morning, student by...

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Gods having coffee outside

Colliding in Downtown Vegas

If we had to sum up our experience at the first ever Collision Conference last week, we would...

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Gods chatting in front the window and a cat

Inside the Mailjet HQ

This past week, I’ve been drinking espresso shots, eating fresh pastries and hustling from the...

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