Welcoming Email on Acid to the Pathwire family

Today, we take the next step in our journey by acquiring Email on Acid. Discover how its pre-deployment platform helps your deliverability.

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At Pathwire, we believe in the power of connection, and our aim has always been to empower users to take back control of the way they connect. We know email is complicated, and we’re laser-focused on finding ways to make it less so.

Today, we take the next step in our journey by acquiring Email on Acid. Email on Acid has carved out its own unique position within the email space, with its comprehensive and flexible email testing and pre-deployment platform. We’ve been impressed by what the Email on Acid team has created. Since Email on Acid’s start in 2009 in Denver, Colorado, it has become the go-to solution for over 5000 developers, marketers, and enterprise organizations, providing end-to-end content checks, accessibility tools, and a way to test the rendering of their email campaigns across different clients and devices. Email on Acid’s Campaign Precheck combines these features into an automated email checklist, which helps marketers catch and fix potential problems before hitting send.

Through the Mailgun and Mailjet products, Pathwire has offered developers and marketers the best email sending capabilities since 2010. While the world's leading email API, powerful infrastructure, and innovative email marketing solutions are one part of the equation to build a reliable path between businesses and their customers, we wanted to go further. Since we embarked on this journey, we have remained determined to grow and expand our product offering to ensure nothing stands between you and the inbox.

This acquisition allows us to provide a more robust product offering as well as new product features and capabilities as we further our mission to become the world’s most relied upon email platform for technically progressive companies. Together Pathwire and Email on Acid will serve over 100,000 companies and make it easier for both developers and marketers to send smarter.

A suite of tools to take your email to the next level

Strong deliverability has always been at the core of Pathwire’s offering. Our industry-leading support team and deliverability experts help brands all over the world send better email. With the addition of Email on Acid, we extend to our customers yet another piece of the puzzle around email success.

Email on Acid is one of very few companies renowned for providing email campaign previews at scale, giving marketers confidence every time they hit the send button. The platform solves the incredibly complex and challenging problem of inconsistent rendering across myriad email clients and devices. By bringing Email on Acid into Pathwire’s deliverability suite, we continue to help customers solve the hard problems behind communications.

With Email on Acid, Mailgun and Mailjet users will get access to reliable email testing, content checks, and analytics for additional insight into what happens to messages in the inbox so they can always put the best email forward.

So, what’s next?

As part of Pathwire, Email on Acid will be integrated into Pathwire’s Deliverability Suite, with its differentiated pre-deployment product set and key position in the email testing space.

Today, Email on Acid is already integrated with the Mailjet product via a feature we call Inbox Preview, which is available to contract customers. Inbox Preview enables both developers and marketers to preview email renderings with mailbox providers and devices to gain additional insights and optimize for maximum engagement.

In the future, we will extend the offering to more customers and make the full Campaign Precheck capabilities of Email on Acid available to help our users improve their deliverability. In the meantime, you can try out Email on Acid for free for 7 days - just sign up here.

Wrap up

At Pathwire, we believe in providing simple solutions to your complex email problems. That’s why we’re thrilled about what this means for our customers and the platform in general, as it will only serve to enhance what we have to offer and bring you more insights into your emails. With Pathwire and Email on Acid, it's never been easier to build connected experiences.

Happy sending… and happy inboxing!

Email on Acid

Get to know Email on Acid

Always put your best email forward. Discover how Email on Acid can help you hit the inbox with the perfect campaign, every time.

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