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Educating email marketers: Mailjet lands in London

Here at Mailjet, we love getting out of the office every now and then to hear all of your email related stories, the good and the bad. Read our event recap.

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Here at Mailjet, we love getting out of the office every now and then to hear all of your email related stories, the good and the bad. Over the past few weeks, the Mailjet UK team (accompanied by the finest champagne) has been to a couple of London’s finest digital marketing events.

Mailjet Lands In London

Two weeks ago, we attended Integrated Live. It was great to see what companies of all sizes are doing with their digital marketing strategies, especially the ones encompassing email. We lost track of the amount of times we were asked “so, how are you different to Mailchimp?”. Well, we’re glad you asked. We’re sure most of you already know, but just in case you need a refresher, we have just the read for you.

We truly believe that email is the tool you need to power your customer experience and accelerate your business to the next level. Email can help you join the dots between each of your different customer touchpoints. It’s the one channel that enables you to have a one-to-one dialogue with each of your customers, it opens the door to personalisation at scale.

So, how do you power your business with email?

Firstly, you need to make sure email is seen as a credible tool within your business, you do this by attributing it to your overall business objectives. If you can show how much traffic email drives, that’s great. But if you can also tell your leadership team how much revenue email drives, they will have to sit up and listen to you.

The next step is to understand what your customers want. “What my customers want? Ha! That’s an impossible question to answer.” Well, not really. The answer is in your data. Collect data from your customer touchpoints to see the big picture and start sending them messages that are relevant to them.

You then want to be thinking about how you can automate this process, so you can catch your customers in real time, when they are in the ‘moment’ to think about what you offer them. Email automation is one step in the right direction to offering a seamless experience across your different customer touchpoints. But, obviously, as with any function within a business, there are challenges... and that is exactly what we spoke about at our second digital marketing event last week: Figaro Digital’s Autumn Conference.

The challenges of email and the customer experience…

Finding the right role for email can sometimes be a challenge. Email used to be a batch and blast tool, to send your message to the masses. But in today’s competitive climate, we want to build relationships with our subscribers so that they convert with us over the course of a lifetime, and email is a great tool to enable us to do that.

Sending relevant messages to your readers might seem problematic (you might even think that texting the appropriate birthday wishes to the people around you is already hard enough…), but if you take a look at your data and find clear segments of your different personas, it can be achievable. You might have already mastered sending the females in your database a different message to your male audience. Well done, Step One: check. The next step is to look for generational differences. Your under 30s audience might be more likely to convert on a mobile device, whereas the over 55s in your audience might not be interested in converting on a mobile device, and might feel the messaging you are sending them is targeted at a younger audience. If you’d like to explore the full list of challenges, we’ve made our slide deck available just for you. You’re welcome.

Gutted you missed it? Follow our twitter handle @Mailjet to keep up to date with where we’re landing next. We’d love to hear what you want to do with your email strategies next.

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