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Two gods in front of blue and green books

Next stop: API World Conference in San Fran

Mailjet is sponsoring the API World Conference in San Francisco, where teams will have 36 hours to build big data...

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Hermes and a Goddess are testing a magnet in front of some sundaes

A/X testing? That’s weird!

A new term’s been surfacing up a lot on our blog, newsletter and website recently; A/X testing....

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Hermes with a coffee in office

Hacking the Google Glass @ Ubitech

Mailjet had the awesome opportunity of sponsoring Ubitech’s Google Glass hackathon — a two day event challenging individuals to innovate...

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Hermes reading to rubber duck

Mailjet is landing at the API Strat Conference!

Mailjet will land in Chicago for API Strategy Conference, where API providers and developers will discuss latest API trends...

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Two Goddesses having a coffee in the kitchen

Mailjet Monday: Anh-Tho Chuong

Happy Monday! This week, we sat down to chat with Anh-Tho Chuong, a member of our...

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Gods celebrating in front of balloons

A new Mailjet has landed!

If you visited our site this week, you may have noticed that things look a little different. The...

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Hermes sitting on a green sofa with laptop

V1 vs V3

At Mailjet, we like encouraging our customers to innovate with email. Keeping with this...

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Three superhero Gods in front of a blue background with confetti

Developer evangelists FAQ

Our Developer Evangelists answer all of the commonly asked questions they receive at hackathons and...

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A god and a goddess repairing a panel

Causathon: The altruistic side of hacking

A review of Brand-Knew's inaugural #hackforgood hackathon, Causathon...

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Grumpy Hermes with coffee

Happy SysAdmin day!

SysAdmin Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and appreciating the hard work of your SysAdmins. Be sure to...

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Gods with christmas tree and magnet

#MailjetHolidays take-off at E-Commerce Paris 2014!

Ecommerce pros, come and meet the Mailjet crew during the 2014 edition of the E-Commerce Paris Salon, from September 23 to 25. Visit us at our boarding gate F 074...

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Hermes helps a Goddess to paint

Mailjet’s newest feature: 3D print your emails!

[EDIT] This feature is not REAL. We invented it because, you know, April Fools’ Day… So for...

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