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The Sinch Mailjet team

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Latest stories by The Sinch Mailjet team

Hermes is tangled up with tape while helping a Goddess to fix a sign on a road in the forest

What Golang UK taught me about community

Differences empower communities. Mailjet sponsored the Golang UK conference recently, where we learned about the secret to building a great community.

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Goddess addressing a God holding a computer with a speaker

Flight School Friday: 10 email campaigns every company should start with

Want to kickstart your email marketing? Here are 10 email campaigns which will help you build a rewarding, long-term relationship with your customers...

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Hermes points at an envelope next to a Goddess

The Buzzfeed guide to sending irresistible email

Has this ever happened to you...

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Hermes in front of the macbook

Gmail’s newest Postmaster Tools means more inboxing

The Gmail Team announced last week a new suite of Postmaster Tools that is spreading positive news through the email community...

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Hermes holds an email in front of the laptop screen

Boosting customer happiness with Mailjet x Cloud Elements help desk hub

This is the third and final post in our joint blog series with Cloud Elements, all-in-one cloud API...

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Hermes working on PC

We’re all a little bit like Jane Doe

We’ve recently joined forces with Podbox to launch an integration that will allow you to connect...

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two gods with squares and cassette labeled "mark"

Leveraging Mailjet events with your CRM using Cloud Elements

How to use the Mailjet & Cloud Elements integration to sync CRM data and beef up your email analytics...

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Hermes holds an email in front of the laptop screen

Introducing Mailjet + Cloud Elements

Connecting categories of cloud services with one single API...

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god with apple, blocks and duck

The must attend tech events of 2015

On one of our rockstar Developer Evangelists compiled a list of must attend tech events in 2015...

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Gods with puzzle pieces in front of wires

Giving Drupal email a boost with Mailjet

Hey Mailjetters, we’ve got yet another exciting announcement to make! Both Mailjet and Drupal...

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Hermes passing the box with envelopes to Hera

Email inactives: It doesn’t have to end in a painful breakup

In many ways, your contact list is a long-term romantic relationship. Both parties, you and your customers, get to know the ins and outs of...

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Gods making announcement in front of the air balloons

Boosting the bottom line with Mailjet + PrestaShop

Attention all Mailjetters, we have a very exciting announcement to make: Mailjet has just...

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