Boosting customer happiness with Mailjet x Cloud Elements help desk hub

How to use the Mailjet and Cloud Elements integration to boost customer happiness and retention.

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This is the third and final post in our joint blog series with Cloud Elements, all-in-one cloud API management and integration service. In the first post, we covered how e-commerce businesses use Mailjet and Cloud Elements to send targeted, value-adding email. Our second post talked about how businesses use our integration to easily connect Mailjet with a CRM platform, such as Salesforce, to consolidate customer data for smarter insights into consumer needs and demands.

In this post, we’ll be wrapping up the customer life-cycle by taking a look at how the Mailjet-Cloud Elements integration can be used towards customer happiness and retention.

Mailjet’s API with the Help Desk Hub is the first singular API to integrate customer service across the industry’s leading cloud help desk services. These services include Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud and JIRA. This means that developers only need to write to one API to integrate with cloud help desk solutions to manage incidents, priorities, statuses and users.

Create contact lists based on prior support ticket inquiries and send targeted email. For example, if many customers are asking how to integrate a certain product, the integration can be used to send a tutorial to educate specific product users.

We’ve set one up of our own in Zendesk as shown below. Simply create a list - we’ve called it “Customers with questions about Mailjet”, and define which customers land in this list by adding triggers. Triggers tell Zendesk with actions to track.

Hop over to the Cloud Elements blog for more integration use cases.

We love feedback! Drop us a message at with any thoughts on the integration, questions, or just to say hi. Happy emailing!

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