We’re all a little bit like Jane Doe

We're all a little bit like Jane Doe, e-commerce business owner with so much to do, so little time. Here's how she used Mailjet and Podbox to streamline.

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We’ve recently joined forces with Podbox to launch an integration that will allow you to connect your Mailjet account to a range of apps and have your data sync automatically. Below is the story of Jane, an e-commerce business owner who used Mailjet and Podbox to streamline workflows. We're all a little bit like Jane Doe in that we have so much to do in so little time. Here's how she solved that problem.

Jane is the proud owner of a Prestashop-hosted e-commerce business which sells designer products. She uses Mailjet V3 because she likes to send her customers emails personalized by their last order and other information like first name and geography. To accomplish this, Jane uses the new Mailjet V3 and she loves it.

In addition to Mailjet, her sales team uses Zoho CRM to take care of her customer relationship management and sales force automation. Wouldn’t it be great if she could find a way to get the best of both worlds?

Stop worrying about manual imports/exports

Having to manually import and export her contacts from Zoho CRM to Mailjet drains Jane of time, sanity, and ultimately, money. In addition to back and forth uploading of contacts, Jane also has to relay email campaign feedback to her sales team. What a waste of time. She could be spending this time on more pressing business issues, but instead Jane has to fight with duplicates and update outdated data in both systems. Inefficiency is something Jane cannot afford.

Integrate your email marketing with your CRM easily

Jane knows that her sales team is in need of accurate information on both leads and  customers or needs to keep an eye out for the products inventory. They also need as much feedback from the marketing team’s email campaigns to get the best insight on customers and leads.

Her marketing team also has some specific needs: they need a database that is updated in near real-time, to closely monitor ROI and  improve strategy. Jane has to battle all fronts at once so that everyone in her team has access to the data they need in the apps they are using.

Jane looked around for an easy to setup solution that would help her integrating her apps and she found us, Podbox. She settled on using our solution since we integrate with a vast number of CRM systems, including Zoho CRM and Mailjet.

Get your contacts in sync with Mailjet and access your campaign feedbacks right from your CRM

Using Podbox, Jane contacts list from Zoho CRM is automatically kept in sync with Mailjet. So whenever a contact is created or updated in the CRM, it gets created or updated in Mailjet without even having to think about it. Segmentation and personalization with all the information kept in Zoho CRM are now accessible by her marketing team in a snap. Plus, her sales team has never been happier as they can finally access all the campaign feedbacks such as who opened the last emailing campaign sent using Mailjet, who clicked or who unsubscribed right from their CRM! And, her marketing team is now finally able to monitor the ROI on all marketing actions.

A flawless stream of data between your apps

Delighted at how using Podbox worked out, Jane plans to integrate her Prestashop platform to the mix next (because Podbox supports up to 10 apps!). This way she can make sure her marketing team sends her customers product newsletter based on their preferences and access the best segmentation & personalization possible. She can also manage subscription & unsubscribe requests from her e-commerce platform so that her Mailjet list is always up-to-date. Jane also knows that  building customer loyalty is essential and now be achieved by accessing a true 360° view of her customers and leads. Being able to retrieve all of her customer data in one sales automation solution has made her life easier than ever.

We all feel for Jane!

Countless business owners, marketers and sales managers face the same issues as Jane, losing hours on these dreaded manual imports/exports to give their team the data they need to complete their work and boost the business. Whatever their situation is, chances are, Podbox can help. Small to big business are now able to integrate the apps they love with Mailjet, and let their team focus their time tackling more important business issues. Podbox is compatible with a whole bunch of CRM systems that can be found on our website.

Choose the apps you want to integrate with Mailjet, set it up once and your apps will automatically sync every 5 minutes, for life. You can even try it out for free for 15 days. No more stress, no more frustration, all of your teammates are all more efficient than ever and, ultimately, you’ll have a business that thrives!


This blog post was written by Camille Monat, Marketing Manager at Podbox. Dedicated to getting the word out about our awesome integrations. I cannot live without my French cheese or indie pop music.

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