Leveraging Mailjet events with your CRM using Cloud Elements

How to use the Mailjet & Cloud Elements integration to sync CRM data and beef up your email analytics.

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Hey Mailjetters! We’re back with the second installment of our three-part series with Cloud Elements, an all-in-one cloud API management and integration service.

In our first post, we covered how e-commerce businesses can use Mailjet and Cloud Elements to send targeted, value-adding content via email. In case you missed it, head over here to find out what your business can accomplish by integrating Mailjet’s marketing and messaging API with e-commerce or other online services.

Once you have these campaigns set up, it’s time to dig deeper into the customer data for smarter insights send after send. Using Cloud Elements, you can integrate Mailjet’s API with Salesforce or a variety of other top tier CRMs.

Via Cloud Elements’ API management platform, easily ‘connect the dots’ between your different online systems and push Mailjet events back into your CRM to gain an intelligent overview of the different facets of your online business. In the case of connecting your e-commerce, Mailjet and CRM platforms together, cross-reference purchasing and marketing data to gain additional insight into the interactions and needs of your client base. A good example of this is segmenting your email KPIs by purchase frequency or type of purchase.

This data can also help you stay one step ahead of your clients, addressing their needs before they take action. Have an event trigger set up with a workflow in your CRM to flag each bounced email so that the marketing team can investigate, uphold their sender reputation and find alternatives to communicate.

Connect otherwise siloed platforms to conduct an intelligent, high-performing data-driven business. Foster a deeper relationship between you and your customers and leave them with a big smile and you with a bigger bottom line.

Hop on over to the Cloud Elements blog for more on what you can accomplish by integrating Mailjet and Salesforce through their platform.

In the next and final post we’ll be upping the ante and talking about completing the customer engagement lifecycle by leveraging Cloud Elements’ Help Desk hub. Stay tuned for more!

As always, we love feedback! Drop us a message at with any questions you may have, thoughts on the integration or just to say hi. Happy emailing.

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