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Hermes typing in a room with a Christmas tree

Open source Christmas: Give a little code

During the holidays, arranged a day for coders to contribute to open source projects with...

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Hermes holding cup of coffee on the shelf

Hi, It's Rupert, your inbox manager

Last week, we flew to New York to visit Mailjetters there – including Tyler, our US Developer ...

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Gods putting together structure

Email controlled Christmas tree

At Mailjet, we decided to put together a Christmas tree that has lights and an LED dot matrix that is controlled via email through our inbound email API

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Gods lighting the Christmas tree

Redefining your email goals this holiday season

We’re officially well into the month of December. Have you been watching the clock count...

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Hermes choosing the team

Email hacks for team productivity

Email hurts productivity. Email traps knowledge. Email demands time. Email wasn’t designed...

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Hermes is coding

WiPi changing up the internet of things at HackCC

Node WiPi, inspired by one of the team member’s brother’s basement flood incident, is an inexpensive sensor monitor (light, heat, etc) for the home.

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Gods fixing lights

Rendezvous-ing at the first ever Product Hunt hackathon

We recently got back from Product Hunt’s inaugural hackathon. Check what we got up to throughout the...

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Hermes sitting with laptop on a yellow sofa

Responsive design: How to make your holiday emails fit down every chimney

Learn the importance of responsive design for email templates and how to create one to make sure it fits beautifully on all kinds of devices...

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Hermes is tangled up with tape while helping a Goddess fix a sign in the street

Hacking with MLH at HackNC

HackNC is a hackathon for university students to create big things in a small amount of time - 24 hours between...

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Hermes and Hera working with duct tape

StartupBus Day 2-3

The second day of StartupBus, we headed to the Rockstart workspace for a combination of quickfire pitch battles and some...

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Gods in disguise in front of the screen

Mailjet @ RubyConf; Obrigado, Braga!

Mailjet’s DevRel team went to the first ever RubyConf Portugal event which took place in Braga on October 13 and 14. Spoiler alert:...

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Gods as super heros

StartupBus: Day 1

The first thing I heard at StartupBus was "Well it's a little bit nuts isn't it?". I mean who would try to build an MVP in 4 days...

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