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Hermes carries a box of letters to a Goddess in front of a wooden window

Deliverability advice: Test the rendering of your emails!

Ask what an HTML coder thinks of email…the response is rarely complimentary! In fact, HTML...

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Hermes shows some statistics to a Goddess

How to measure the performance of your transactional emails?

To measure a newsletter's performance and compare it to previous campaigns is clearly a beneficial practice. On the other...

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Hermes and Hera putting together PC case

What types of transactional emails should you develop first?

While attempting to create a list of all the types of notification and transactional emails that might exist…

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Gods doing security check

Deliverability advice: Personalize the sender domain name

Have you ever heard of identity theft? These people will steal someone's identity in order to subscribe to various services...

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Gods doing security check

Deliverability tip: Identity behind a sending domain name

Some folks create a domain name (dedicated to email campaigns) linked to a non-functional, non-existent website. A good...

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Hermes typing on PC

15 tips for optimizing your transactional emails

Recently, I received an email in my inbox from ...noreply“ with the subject ...Email confirmation of receipt of your message.“ If...

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Hermes and a Goddess deliver mail in front of a green and orange house

The dos and don’ts of setting up an SMTP server

While setting up an SMTP server, certain dos and don'ts have to be kept in mind – otherwise, the transfer of mail may not take place properly...

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Confused god with magnifying glass and blue background

What is an SMTP server?

SMTP stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol." Let’s just hope that “simple” is still the case after reading the article!...

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Hermes paints a Goddess over yellow and blue

Gmail images displayed by default: What's the impact for our customers?

A few days ago, some observers noted that Gmail was now caching all images contained within emails...

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God wondering next to laptop and paper airplane

How to choose an SMTP server

With email being older than the World Wide Web itself, it comes to no surprise that there is a plethora of SMTP server implementations out there...

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Gods in front of laptop screen and plant with megaphone and x sign

Deliverability advice: How to avoid the pitfalls of inactive contacts

To begin, in the world of email, what exactly is an inactive contact? We can define this term as an email address that has not been reactive...

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