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How to improve the design of your responsive emails

Did you think responsive email design meant sending emails that guaranteed you’d never be ghosted again? It’s okay if you did. But seriously – responsive emails are specifically-coded emails to look tailor-made to whatever device they’re being read on. When emails...

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8 ways to avoid ISP Blocklist

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocklist is probably your worst nightmare. Ending up on the blocklist is like having your domain name and IP address kicked out of the club, dropped from the mail server, and locked behind a firewall. (Plus, they threw away the key.)...

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Supporting equitable access to reproductive and family care

SCOTUS’ recent ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade sets the stage for what will inevitably create additional pressure on a health and family care system already lacking the stability...

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How to pipe Mailjet data to a data warehouse and why you should

As the central hub for your team's messages, customers, and apps, Mailjet offers all the benefits of group email management and...

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Templating language + MJML: How to code a personalized digest email

Create Emails with Mailjet's, code a personalized and digest email with Passport editor templating...

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Open source survey: We’d love to hear from you

At Mailjet we relish the opportunity to give something back to the developer community. Help us better understand your views...

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WearHacks 2016

If you've never been to a hackathon, you should definitely go. It's an experience unlike any other and you will be amazed at the ideas that become a reality in the span of a weekend...

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The Seth Godin Guide to Building an Engaged Contact List

16 years ago, Seth Godin wrote the book on email marketing. Although the word ‘email’ can’t be found anywhere on the cover, Permission Marketing speaks to heart of what email...

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How to increase retention with the Parse API app

Linkedin, Airbnb, Disqus have this system in place. A "reply by email" system. Why your app might be missing out if...

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How to hack Web Summit

Are you planning to wing Web Summit? With 30k attendees and 1k speakers you can't afford to. Here's how to hack...

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Go, Go Mailjet

We've released a new Golang wrapper that will make it easier than ever to manage contacts and process email.

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Hermes is tangled up with tape while helping a Goddess to fix a sign on a road in the forest

What Golang UK taught me about community

Differences empower communities. Mailjet sponsored the Golang UK conference recently, where we learned about the secret to building a great community.

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