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Michyl Culos


Michyl Culos

Michyl Culos was the Head of Marketing Communications at Sinch Mailjet. She's a seasoned marketer with a many years of experience B2B SaaS companies. She writes about tips and best practices to help senders take their email strategies to the next level.

Latest stories by Michyl Culos

Hermes is writing next to a laptop

From 0-32K in one year: How Loïc Le Meur growth hacks email

Growing a valuable email list with high ROI is a patient process. But, let’s be honest, most of us...

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Hermes and a Goddess shake hands over a puzzle piece exchange in a square

Mailjet and Segment integrate to uncover insights in your email contacts and data

If you peeked under the hood of your website or app, would its headers and footers look like...

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Hermes reads while a Goddess delivers justice on some books

Mailjet becomes the first EU data compliant email service on Google Cloud Platform

Brace yourselves, Devs. As of today, Mailjet just became the first EU data compliant email service provider available from...

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Hermes is catching flying mail

Stop playing hard-to-get with Facebook Lead Ads

So, your newsletter subscription form is embedded on your website. Which essentially means that...

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Hermes and a Goddess shake hands over a puzzle piece exchange in a square

How our new partner Boomtrain will turn you into Netflix or Amazon

Netflix. How is it that they know exactly what you want to watch after you run out of episodes...

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Three Gods hang up some spheres

Mailjet Parse API + Zapier: The tool you don’t realize you really (really) need

Imagine having a general “contact us” email address on your website. Most of us do and most...

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gods playing with puzzle pieces

Increase your daily email signups by 20%. Period.

“I want less subscribers to my newsletter.” Said no one ever. This month, Mailjet has now...

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Gods with puzzle pieces and red, white, blue confetti

The new WordPress subscription widget for personalization that’s just purrrfect

We’ve got a special gift for you, just in time for the holidays: a fancy new Mailjet subscription widget for your WordPress website...

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Gods in front of red and yellow doors

The 4 gifts of automation

Ever feel like the rush of the holiday season actually keeps you from doing what really matters:...

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Gods putting squares in place

Here’s what happens when Mailjet talks to other SaaS platforms via Podbox

This post was written in 2015. Please note, Mailjet no longer integrates with PodBox....

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