Here’s what happens when Mailjet talks to other SaaS platforms via Podbox

We’re now integrated with PodBox, to put master data management at the heart of Mailjet and your other SaaS applications.

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This post was written in 2015. Please note, Mailjet no longer integrates with PodBox.

By 2018, 27.8% of the worldwide enterprise applications market will be SaaS-based, up from 16.6% in 2013. What does this boil down to? You’re using A LOT of SaaS applications to run your business, and you’re only going to start using more.

Why PodBox?

If you found yourself sweating from just reading that sentence, you’re not alone. As vital as SaaS applications are to running your business, analyzing data across multiple platforms can be daunting, time consuming and can cause you to gloss over important business opportunities.

That’s why, we’re now integrated with PodBox, to put master data management at the heart of Mailjet and your other SaaS applications. Think of PodBox like an automated hub that gets your collection of SaaS applications talking to one another on a continuous basis so that no matter what tool you are in, you’ll have a cross-functional view of your entire business.

Examples of PodBox integration

Let’s look at some examples of Podbox integration:

Do you have a sales team? Then imagine seeing which of your leads are engaging the best with your email messages. Or start tailoring different messages to your most frequent openers and clickers.

Do you talk to a lot of customers? Imagine having your Mailjet email list(s) being automatically updated as new customers are added into your CRM contacts. Or having your CRM contacts automatically updated when email recipients unsubscribe (to have a holistic internal record of a customer’s engagement over time and avoid accidentally re-emailing them).

Wrapping up

The combinations are endless. The real advantage, though, is that by having information automatically shared and synchronized between the different Saas platforms, you can quickly:

  • Gain insight into what’s working in your company and scale.

  • See what’s not working in your company and resolve it.

  • Make your email marketing more agile and personalized.

So embrace the SaaS explosion! For more details on the new Mailjet - PodBox integration, head on over here.

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