The 4 gifts of automation

Get cracking on planning your holiday email strategy. Learn how to use email integrations to automate tedious tasks and spend more time driving business.

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Ever feel like the rush of the holiday season actually keeps you from doing what really matters: developing your core business?

Well, that’s why - just in time for the holiday ramp up – Mailjet has integrated with four iPaaS platforms: Zapier, Cloud Elements, Podbox and With these tools, you can easily connect Mailjet to the other web apps you use and automate tedious tasks. The benefit? Get back to concentrating on your core business while also identifying hidden growth opportunities!

Let’s imagine your time-saving scenarios with each iPaaS.

Eventbrite + Mailjet (via Zapier)

Planning a holiday event? Keep things simple. Sync up your Eventbrite event so that new attendee  email addresses  are automatically transferred into a Mailjet list. Build event updates and reminder emails using the full suite of Mailjet tools and track engagement on your real-time dashboard. Click here to start.

Zapier: The iPaaS provider with one of the most extensive app ecosystems including over 500+ web app connectors. Connect two web apps together via an online user interface to push future data from one app to another.

Salesforce + Mailjet (via Podbox)

Want to know if your holiday emails are being opened? Connect Salesforce and Mailjet to see (right inside the CRM) which customers are positively engaging with your emails.

Podbox: An iPaaS provider that goes beyond connectors and into Data Management with the ability to continuously synchronize historical and future data flows between multiple apps so that no matter in which app you access your data, it’s always up to date.

Sugar CRM + Mailjet (via

Mailjet also works in the reverse direction. Did a new customer sign-up to your Mailjet list to receive your newsletter? By connecting Mailjet to your CRM system, like Sugar CRM, this customer will be automatically added to your CRM. No stress about manually synchronizing multiple lists. Click here to start. An iPaaS provider that goes beyond just future syncrhonization of data but that also grabs historical data when you connect two different web apps together using their friendly online interface.

Paypal + Mailjet (via Cloud Elements)

Want to keep your customers up to date on your holiday promotions? Then sync up your Paypal and Mailjet accounts and let them exchange information on an ongoing basis. For example, have your Paypal customer email addresses and past purchase history added directly into a Mailjet list so that you can easily segment and send them great looking promotions. Click here to start.

Cloud Elements: An iPaaS provider tailored specifically to making developers’ lives easier by  providing a ‘One-to-Many’ approach allowing developers to integrate to one REST API and then connect to a full category of popular cloud services.

Note: The examples above are often available across all four iPaaS platforms.

And many others!

To wrap things up (with a holiday bow!), by connecting Mailjet to these integrated iPaaS platforms you have the possibility to connect with hundreds of different web apps. So let the automation flow and, this holiday season, leave the tedious work up to us.

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