Marketing calendar 2022: Dates you shouldn’t miss this year

Want to get a head start on planning your 2022 marketing calendar? Check out our can't-miss dates and tips to engage with your consumers.

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We finally got through 2021 (congrats!) and Q1 is just around the corner. It’s time for you to start scribbling down your New Year’s Resolutions to make sure we start the year off fine. If you’ve found your way here, we’re guessing that’s because “Create a winning marketing strategy” is probably one of your goals for 2022. Good for you – you’re in the right place!

To help you with that, we've decided to recap all relevant dates for 2022 in one blog post so you can strategize for the year ahead. Read on and find out which dates you should include into your marketing strategy and get our free 2022 Marketing Calendar.

Why is it important to have a Marketing Calendar for 2022?

Some people think that implementing a marketing strategy is the longest part of the process. Well, they’re wrong. The implementation itself is actually one of the easier steps at the end of the process.

The real work comes before, when you have to set goals and establish priorities. The earlier you start planning through every step of the strategy, the less problems you’ll run into down the line.

These last two year have shown us that unpredictable circumstances require brands to be able to adapt their communication strategies to engage with their target audience and make the most out of their marketing efforts.

In order to do that in the best way possible, let’s make sure you’re preparing your marketing strategy for success:

Preparing your marketing strategy and marketing plan

Before you start, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want to achieve and how can you get there?

  • What are your USPs? Why should people buy your products or services?

  • What sales promotions can you offer (special deals, freebies, discounts…)?

  • What distribution channels are best to achieve your goals?

Keep in mind that a year has so many special dates, holidays, and marketing moments – planning is a must in business and in life!

It is important to decide which promotions (like special deals or key product sales) you want to plan your marketing activities around. This decision should be based on the goals you established for yourself when you mapped out your marketing strategy. Focusing on the wrong promotional strategy can easily ruin your KPIs, and nobody wants that!

When thinking about your holiday or special day marketing campaigns, remember to plan out your promotion in different stages:

  • Before the actual date: Let your customers know about what’s coming ahead of time and how they can benefit.

  • During the day itself: Make your big sales push via email and leverage any social media buzz.

  • After the main event: Don’t forget to follow up with those that converted to obtain their feedback on the process or offer additional products or services.

Finding the right marketing channels

Once you have decided what the right marketing strategy is and what kind of sales promotions you’re going to offer, you’ll need to focus on getting your marketing messages to your audience.

For marketing promotions around special dates, like the ones we’ve added on our Marketing Calendar, the best strategy is to go omnichannel. Marketing campaigns that combine different channels (for example, in-store, online, social media or email marketing) allow you to engage with your audience in a different way and also provide many upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

There is a range of channels for you to leverage, but that doesn’t mean you should try to use them all just to tick those boxes. While something like TikTok might be a bit of a stretch if you’re trying to sell dental implants, there are a few must-haves that will apply to most businesses.

One of those channels is email (yeah, you probably guessed that…). Email continues to be the best marketing channel for ROI, as it allows you to personalize, segment, and optimize your email campaigns with detailed stats. Another big plus is that your marketing messages will stay in your contacts’ inbox for them to use that promo code or find your store’s address when the time comes. 

To plan and schedule your email campaigns right on time, let’s have a closer look at 2022 dates to keep in mind.

Marketing Calendar for 2022

Looking for a 2022 Marketing Calendar to guide your marketing strategy for the new year? We’ve got you covered. We’ve listed all the key dates below and paired them up with great resources to help you plan the best campaigns in 2022.


January is all about New Year’s resolutions, goal setting, and mourning the loss of the holiday season.

Start off by wishing your users a Happy New Year, and use this month to offer special deals on products or services that might come in handy when they start working on those New Year’s resolutions.

Other special dates in January include the traditional Winter sales in European countries and Blue Monday, so think about what you can do to make your users’ days a bit warmer!

Dates you shouldn’t miss in January:

  • January 1: New Year’s Day

  • January 8: Winter Sales (European countries)

  • January 17: Blue Monday

  • January 28: Data Protection Day

Resources to plan your January marketing campaigns:


The excitement of the new year might be gone for some, but February has its own share of special marketing dates for marketers to celebrate!

In fact, February has three of the biggest marketing moments of the year: the Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and the Super Bowl.

According to the National Retail Federation , US Valentine's Day gift-givers spent a record-breaking $21.8 billion in 2021, and consumers were predicted to spend around $13.9 billion on food, decorations and team apparel forSuper Bowl 2021, with each person spending an average of $74.55.  

Looking at these figures, February is definitely a month to keep in mind when it comes to planning your marketing efforts.

Dates you shouldn’t miss in February:

  • February 1: LGBT History Month

  • February 1: Black History Month (US)

  • February 1: Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year

  • February 2: Groundhog Day

  • February 4: Start of the Winter Olympics

  • February 13: Super Bowl

  • February 14: Valentine's Day

Resources to plan your February marketing campaigns:


March is all about women..

Starting March 1, we celebrate Women’s History Month with International Women’s Day taking place on March 8th. Use this opportunity to show a bit of your corporate side and share stories from the women in your company and how you support equality in the workplace.

Other special dates in March in our Marketing Calendar 2022 include Mardi Gras,World Wildlife Day, National Pi Day, Mother’s Day in the UK and a fan-favorite…  St. Patrick’s Day!

Dates you shouldn’t miss in March:

  • March 1: Women’s History Month

  • March 1: Mardi Gras

  • March 3: World Wildlife Day

  • March 8: International Women's Day

  • March 14: National Pi Day

  • March 17: St. Patrick's Day

  • March 27: Mother’s Day (UK)

  • March 31: International Transgender Day of Visibility

Resources to plan your March marketing campaigns:


With Easter starting in April this year, you can look forward to longer and warmer days for your easter egg hunts!

For some, Easter is all about tradition, be it religious or not. For others, it’s more about the chocolate rabbits and egg hunts. So why not hide an Easter Egg in your marketing campaigns to increase engagement this April?

This year, April 2 also marks the start of Ramadan, a very important celebration for the Muslim community. Other special dates include Earth Day and April Fools’ Day, so maybe a great excuse to have some fun with your email marketing campaigns?

Dates you shouldn’t miss in April:

  • April 1: April Fools Day

  • April 2: Start of Ramadan

  • April 15: Easter Friday

  • April 17: Easter Sunday

  • April 18: Easter Monday

  • April 22: Earth Day

Resources to plan your April marketing campaigns:


There are a few important dates in May, but is there any more important than Star Wars Day? Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying that this is a BIG date on social media, so make sure you leverage it!

Many countries also celebrate Mother’s Day in May. This is a time for many to show appreciation towards their mother(s) and mother figures. This day (and of course the other 364 days in the year) is perfect to lavish mothers with lots of love, flowers, and chocolate. So remember to think about moms everywhere when you plan your special offers and promotions.

Other special dates in May in our Marketing Calendar for 2022 include the end of Ramadan, May Day, or Labor Day in many countries.

Dates you shouldn’t miss in May:

  • May 1: May Day

  • May 2: End of Ramadan

  • May 4: Star Wars Day

  • May 8: Mother's Day (US)

  • May 16: Roland-Garros

Resources to plan your May marketing campaigns:


It’s getting warmer and warmer outside, and that means it’s time for summer fun.

For many companies, the summer means a slump in sales. Instead of (online) shopping, events like vacations and other outdoor activities are in people’s minds. So, don’t be surprised if your marketing performance starts to decline rather than grow during the next few weeks.

Does this mean you should interrupt your email marketing campaigns? Absolutely not!

In fact, the summer might be the best time of year to stand out from your competitors and get in touch with your contacts. Make sure you start working on adjusting your email marketing strategy for the next couple of months.

June 1 algo marks the start of Pride Month. Other important dates include Father’s Day (in the US and other countries) and the start of Wimbledon.

Dates you shouldn’t miss in June:

  • June 1: Pride Month

  • June 18: Neurodiversity Pride Day

  • June 19: Father's Day (US)

  • June 21: World Music Day

  • June 27: Wimbledon

Resources to plan your June moment marketing campaigns:


The holiday season is finally here! And even though we warned you to plan ahead in June, you might be finding it quite challenging to keep your users engaged during the summer.

However, this summer comes packed with great sports events, including the Tour de France, the 2022 Women’s Euro, and the Wimbledon final.

Other special dates in July include the Fourth of July (obviously!), the Summer sales period in some European countries, and Emoji Day!

Dates you shouldn’t miss in July:

  • July 1: Canada Day

  • July 1: Tour de France

  • July 4: US Independence

  • July 6: Start of the 2022 UEFA Women's Euros

  • July 14: Bastille Day - French National Holiday

  • July 17: Emoji Day 

Resources to plan your July moment marketing campaigns:


August is generally a slow month in many countries. The summer is in full swing, but as the weeks pass, more and more people start coming home from their vacation. So it’s the perfect time to target them with any offers or promotions they might’ve missed

How do you do this effectively, you ask? Well, with email segmentation, of course!

With email segmentation, you can filter contacts based on their past behavior (for example, anyone that hasn’t opened an email since a certain date) and resend them any special summer offers they might have missed.

Dates you shouldn’t miss in August:

  • August 5: International Beer Day

  • August 13: International Left-Handers Day

  • August 19: World Photography Day

Resources to plan your August moment marketing campaigns:


September is here and it’s back-to-school season… and not just for kids!

In fact, September sometimes feels like a second January. Some might hate it, some might love it, but we all feel it. New goals, new projects, and new marketing opportunities. Children (and adults!) can’t wait to buy new school bags, pens, pencils and planners for the new school year.

Keep that in mind and plan some marketing campaigns to re-engage your customers after the summer with incentives like special promotions, sweepstakes, and exclusive offers.

And don’t forget to target people who left goods and services in their online cart. ;)

Dates you shouldn’t miss in September:

  • September 1: Back to School

  • September 5: Labor Day (US)

  • September 15: Start of Hispanic Heritage Month

  • September 17: Oktoberfest

  • September 21: International Day of Peace

Resources to plan your September marketing campaigns:


The scariest month of the year has finally arrived!

Autumn is officially here, and so is Halloween! This means that, offline as well as online, monsters and other creatures could be just around the corner, waiting to scare people.

For marketers, October marks the start of Q4 and the holiday season, a huge period for brands everywhere. With big dates coming up, it is the time to start planning what your holiday strategy will look like, and it is also the moment to let your creative juices flow and start getting festive.

Dates you shouldn’t miss in October:

  • October 1: Black History Month (UK)

  • October 10: Columbus Day

  • October 10: World Mental Health Day

  • October 10: Thanksgiving (Canada)

  • October 15: End of Hispanic Heritage Month

  • October 24: Diwali

  • October 31: Halloween 

Resources to plan your October marketing campaigns:


November is the strongest time of the year for B2C sales, and it’s the official month for buying our holiday gifts. Immediately after Thanksgiving come dates like Black Friday, Black Week, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, so it’s time to kick it into high gear.

In other words: You should definitely have these dates marked in red on your 2022 marketing calendar so you can send special promotions and offers.

We know you won’t forget, but just in case, we’ve already marked them for you on our downloadable Marketing Calendar for 2022.

Dates you shouldn’t miss in November:

  • November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance

  • November 21: Start of the FIFA World Cup (Men)

  • November 24: Thanksgiving

  • November 25: Black Friday

  • November 26: Small Business Saturday

  • November 28: Cyber Monday

Resources to plan your November marketing campaigns:

PS: Have you checked out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates yet? ;)


The best comes last: It’s finally Christmas!

It’s cold outside, the streets are covered with snow, and there’s festive decorations and lights everywhere! While some prefer to go outside, those that stay in might do a lot of online shopping for those last-minute Christmas presents. This is your chance to give Q4 a final push with special holiday campaigns and offers!

But December is not just about selling - it’s also about joining in on the festive atmosphere and thanking your contacts for spending the year with you.

You can get creative and run a little Christmas competition on social media (Best Christmas Tree or Craziest Holiday Decorations) where your customers can win coupons or goodies, or film your team singing Christmas Carols for an original Merry Christmas campaign.

As you can see, it doesn’t get more creative than December to end the year successfully.

Dates you shouldn’t miss in December:

  • December 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

  • December 18: Start of Hanukkah

  • December 24: Christmas Eve

  • December 25: Christmas Day

  • December 26: Boxing Day (UK)

  • December 26: End of Hanukkah

  • December 31: New Year’s Eve

Resources to plan your December marketing campaigns:

Download the 2022 Marketing Calendar

We've saved the dates you can’t forget and given you all the resources you need to make 2022 your best marketing year yet. Now, it’s up to you to work on your campaigns and increase engagement with your offers, promotions, or competitions.

Want to take this Marketing Calendar for 2022 with you?

Marketing Calendar 2022

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Marketing Calendar 2022

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